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How much mortgage could i qualify for

how much mortgage could i qualify for

your scores seem low for your income/employment history.

Um. Income and employment history have no bearing whatsoever on one's credit scores.

Absolutely, but I think what frugal was getting at was simply that those are depressed scores, likely with derogatories which may impact mortgage underwriting. Money makes all things easier when it comes to either maintaining credit or rebuilding it, though of course there's billionaires with scores less than even where I started. certainly having the ability to pay for one's monthly expenses in cash makes it fairly trivial to PIF adroitly.

@OP: If you haven't already check over in the rebuilding forum to see what you can do regarding cleaning up your reports as mortgage underwriting is going to take the lower of you/your spouse's middle scores. and the higher yours are, the better rate and the easier the qualification process.

I realize that income/employment history has no impact on credit scores, but at 195k annual income and at the job for longer than 5 years, it seems his scores would be higher. especially since his wife's scores are high. OP didn't mention it, but i'm assuming his scores may be low because of credit issues. I'm just pointing out the fact that if there are

any derogs on his report, they will need to be addressed, if they haven't already done so.

i could be way off in my assumptions, but it's still worth pointing it out.

Why though? You're linking his income and job history to his scores. And why would his scores be higher if his wife's were higher? OF COURSE his scores are low because of credit issues - that's the only reason they could be!

I've been in my job for 15 years and earn well over 6-figures, and 18 months ago, my scores were under 600. Why? Because I was stupid in handling money and timeliness of paying my debts. My income/employment had nothing to do with my scores. Nor did my now-Ex's very high scores play any part in mine.

why are you making such a deal out of this? OP asked what we thought of his situation. he provided income and debt info, but nothing regarding his credit history. i brought up the credit scores for the mere fact of highlighting if there are any issues, they should be addressed. please don't read anything more into what i posted.

OP, if i offended you in any way, please accept my apology. it was not my intention.

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