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How much mortgage left

how much mortgage left

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I was wondering after the end of the month, after paying all (and I mean everything) of your bills (mortgage, utilities, car, etc) even groceries, gas, misc. items (EVERTHING) should a person have left over at the end of the month.

Im asking this because I cant find this kind of info any where, I can find how much you should spend on a mortgage and other loans, but nothing on how much money you should have left over at the end of the month, so that way you are not working pay check to pay check and are able to afford emergencies, etc.

Before we went to our LO I went thru our expenses to see how much more we can afford for a mortgage. We are renting a house now, and have compared utilities to our friends and family to get an idea about how much more we would also be

spending a month, so calculating everything we have taken the extra expenses into consideration. Our LO said we can afford $2000 a month total for mortgage and I was thinking more like $1500 total. After looking at houses in the $1500 price range I am wondering if I am being too cheap and should go a little higher. Im not crazy about the houses in that price range, but if we went up to $1700 we have more of a selection. But I also want to make sure we have enough money left over a month for what ever may come up.

So my question is: How much do you allow yourself to have left over a month from your paycheck?

This has been the stressful part of house hunting. And Im trying to get as much imput from this question as possible.

Anything would be helpful, everyone out there is always so great!

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