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How Much House Can I Afford With a VA Loan?

how much of a home loan can i get

The Department of Veterans Affairs makes it easier for soldiers to buy their own home.


Each eligible applicant receives an "entitlement" of $36,000 from the VA, the agency states, representing how much of the loan the VA guarantees. VA-approved lenders will write you a no-down payment loan for up to four times the size of the entitlement, which amounts to $144,000.


In some parts of the country, $144,000 won't buy much of anything. The VA grants higher entitlements for counties where real estate values are greater. In San Francisco, for example, the VA's 2010 limit is $962,500. If you meet all other qualifications, the VA will insure 25 percent of

that amount, so you can still get the home with no down payment.



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