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Finding Dental Practices That Offer A Dentists Payment Plan

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How Can I Find A Dental Practice With A Dentists Payment Plan?

It's increasingly difficult to find dentists with a payment plan. Even with full dental insurance, dentists are reluctant to give patients a payment plan. Too many unpaid bills and high dentist cost of operations have taken their toll on dentist payment plans over the years. But there are a few situations where a dental payment plan maybe found, or in some cases, created: (Continued After Table. )

1. Dentists payment plans for those with fair to good credit. If you have decent credit, or can get a co-signer who has, there are dedicated credit card dental payment plans that dentists take freely. These include Care Credit, and smaller lenders like Enhance Patient Financing or The Dental Exchange. (Our own affiliate is also a good source for dental and other medical loans.)

It's hard to know at what credit level these programs will accept in order to let you spread your dentists payment plan over time. Admittedly, the recent slowing economy has likely made their minimum credit requirements higher, but it's always good to check. (We've seen discussions about applying to too many credit sources which can lower your credit rating. Whether that's true or not, grouping your applications into the same time frame-applying for a credit-based dentists payment plan all at once - seems a reasonable idea.)

2. Dentists Offering Payment Plans Through Third Parties. There are a few groups that provide dentists the ability to offer payment plans directly, essentially by lending the money to the dentist, not the patient. The advantages of these groups to the patient seeking a dentist payment plan include:

-Dentists can often set credit requirements, not a larger, less personal lender


mix of payment forms such as downpayments, cancelled checks, credit cards and dentists payment plans can sometimes be blended together

-Scheduling of the work and payments can be juggled to make payments to dentists easier, making dentist cost easier to handle

As far as downsides, dentists offering a payment plan will typically require a promissory note or other guarantees of payments for your treatment plan. There may be slightly more cost: Dentists must pay an interest rate of some type to these services. There are no directories or listings that we know of for these programs. However, you can contact the following companies that offer these types of plans and ask them where their dentists are and maybe even some additional competitors of theirs who offer these types of programs. First Pacific and American Financial Services are two that occupy this self-provided dentist payment plan space.

3. Dentists payment plan on their own. And certainly there are those dentists with a payment plan financed on their own. These tend to be smaller town dentists, possibly older and more established practices as well. There are some groups that assist the dentist by providing some level of documentation and collection services which can make dentists self payment plans easier. Once such group is IgniteTRX.

For the last two options, if you are contacting the third parties who help dentists offer a payment plan, be pretty specific when you contact them about finding a dentists in your area who is on their plan. These are companies that are used to dealing with dentists directly, not consumers. In all cases, these dental payment plans won't provide a discount or lower the dentist cost, but with dental procedure costs going up, they can make things more affordable.

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