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How often do credit scores update

how often do credit scores update

Credit Bureau Update

How long does it take for the credit bureaus to update your score.?

We Answered:

It depends how often your creditors update them. Some creditors do it every 30 days some do it every 90 days. So whenever they get an update from your creditors they update your score, i would give it a couple days though obviously, nothing is immediate.

Edgar Said:


We Answered:

Ask lenders for agreement to delete this items from your credit report when paying them. I recommend to get such agreement thru credit repair agency, for example this one -

Kay Said:

ive fixed my credit report and gotten bad things off of it, how do i update it with the other 2 bureaus?

We Answered:

It all depends how you cleaned up the accounts. If you only distputed with one CRA then you will need to take the same proceedure for the other two CRAs.


EQ,EX & TU Do not share data. You should never share your report with the other companies.

If your dispute was to TU for example and after the dispute period expired (30 days) and TU removed the derogatory information. TU will not notify EQ & EX. You will need to dispute with EQ & EX separately. BTW EQ & EX do not care if TU removed the data, their job is to verify what they have with the Trade Line on the report they have on you.

Now if you got the derogatories removed by the creditors reporting, then you need to send a letter to the creditor thanking them for removeing the derogatory on the one CRA, but also letting them know that the other two reports are still reporting the account as derog.

If you are engaged in repair then you need to sign up for a service like True Credit so you can monitor your report DAILY. Between the monitoring service and your ablilbty to pull a new report each day you can better track your progess.

When you pull your own report from a service like True Credit, that is a soft pull and it has ZERO impact on your score. Also note that these third party monitoring services give you scores. These scores are FAKOS not FICOS; they are not accurate.

Ramon Said:

What do I need to do to send my husband's and my paid in ful letters to credit bureaus to update our reports?

We Answered:

just send last statement showing a zero balance - they will get updated eventually any way

Barbara Said:

What day of the month do the credit bureaus update ?

We Answered:

it can take months to see you paid something off, each company has it own policies



how often do the 3 credit bureau update there information in respect to ones credit score.?

We Answered:

Information goes to the three credit bureaus throughout the month depending on when your creditors send it in to them.

Every time someone pulls your credit your score is automatically calculated so it's not uncommon for scores to change several times each month.

And remember not all lenders report to all credit bureaus and each bureau has their own way of calculating your score so it's not uncommon for scores to have as much as a 100-point range between bureaus.

Kurt Said:

I have shown proof that a bill has been paid, credit bureau refuses to update.

We Answered:

You need to understand how the "game" is played. you need to know the law.

First understand that the credit reporting agency does not remove the listing. They can't! The only way a report can be changed/removed is if the creditor does it, or if they fail to respond to a dispute request.

So in your case, what MAY have happened is the CRA contacted the creditor, and the creditor simply confirmed the report is correct. End of investigation. the negative item stays.

Also note that if this report involved a collection, simply paying the bill off does not remove it as a negative item. It will be changed to "paid" but will still reflect it was in collections.

But if you follow these instructions, you will get the item removed from your history, or you will have a very good small claims suit against the creditor, and can win $1000.

Send all letters by certified mail/return receipt. You MUST have evidence that you notified these people, or your court case will go nowhere.

Send a letter to the credit reporting agency disputing this. Send copy of the check and explain all of the details of why you feel the item should be deleted. I know you did this. do you still have copies of their response letter back to you?

Send a letter to the creditor/collection agent who listed this on your report(s). Demand that they "validate" the debt (see the sample letter below). They have 30 days to respond to your request. Validate means they must send you copies of all contracts, bills, receipts, and everything used to calculate what they claim you owe.

If they respond with this information, examine it carefully. This is what they will use in court to defend themselves if you sue them. If you think you still have a good case, then file a small claims suit. Your canceled check is excellent evidence if they can't dispute it.

If they don't respond, then send one last letter to the credit reporting agency and demand that they delete the entry due to "lack of validation". If they still refuse to delete it, then add them to your lawsuit.

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