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How old to apply for credit card

how old to apply for credit card

How can you apply for a Norwegian Cruise Line credit card?

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  1. Obtain a credit application

To apply for an Old Navy credit card, visit a retail location, and complete a credit application. Alternatively, submit your application online at

  • Fill out your contact information

    Fill out your name, address, phone numbers and current email address. Make sure your address matches the address on your financial accounts to prevent credit errors.

  • Insert your income information

    Both the online and in-person Old Navy credit applications require you to input your annual net income or taxable income. Net income is the amount

    left after taxes, deductions and credits are removed.

  • Answer residency questions

    To assure creditors regarding your personal stability, be prepared to describe the duration you've spent at your current address. Length of residency falls into the character requirements to open a line of credit.

  • Complete verification information

    To locate and process the proper credit report, provide your date of birth, Social Security number and mother's maiden name.

  • Submit the application

    After completing the application, submit it for review by Synchrony Bank. After review, a credit decision is made. If a line of credit is denied, an explanation is sent to the provided address.

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