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How the credit system works

how the credit system works

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Posted 28 November 2006 - 01:52 PM



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Have a look through these pages :

But I must admit I've never found a single page dealing porperly with this issue. The english Wiki is just a rough mathematical definition of the credit systems (and there is a gap between the formulas and the impact on the network, on your clients' base, on your DL speed. ).

It would be quite simple to draw a chart mentionning which systems best fit which

uses of eMule (UL limit, type of DL, UL, number of files, mean time of a session, use of eMule -intensive/occasional. ).

My guess is this is a complex issue, and hardly anyone understands how the credit systems works. even those who created them. Take cicciobastardo, he created a system which is strictly based on time (and a limit to DL not to be squeezed, but it's not the point), it means no CS at all, claiming it is "fairer" than the official. But fairness is subjective, and in that case, it is not clear that the official system is less fair than his. Moreover, why is there an official credit system if not to introduce more fairness on the network.

Just an example, good luck (and headache


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