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How to Accept Credit Cards on your Website

Posted on August 11th

Nearly every online store today accepts payments via credit card. If you are a new online store owner it can be confusing to set up a means of taking payment customers because of all the options available to you. Any store planning on staying in business is going to need to sell product and in order to do so you have to have a way of taking payments. So how do you set up your new website to take payments? Which payment system do you choose?

There are two kinds of payment processing available to online merchants: Real time processing and processing by hand. Real time processing allows a customer to input card information and have approval right away and you receive payment faster. The con of this is it costs more than entering data by hand. Entering data by hand allows you to save money by taking the customer card information through a secure means and manually entering it in and send the information to be processed the con of this is the time spent manually inputting information.

One way to do real tome credit card transactions is through a third party processor. The most popular third party processor out there today is PayPal. If you do online shopping yourself you have probably already come in contact with PayPal or have

used it yourself. The advantage to a third party processor like PayPal is no credit card information to put in if you already have an account. The downside to PayPal is the customer has to leave your site to sign up for an account if they don’t already have one and to make payments. This is an added step that can frustrate customers and lead to lost sales.

Another way to process payments both in real time and manually is through a payment gateway. the most widely used payment gateway today offers business owners the ability to have the gateway send the information to be processed as soon as the customer enters it or to have business owner manually input the information. The plus side of a payment gateway is many merchant account providers can package a payment gateway into your service. The payment gateway is right on your sight and does not require your customers to leave your sight to pay with a third party. Payment gateways also offer fraud protection and other benefits such as inventory reports.

For a hassle free payment processing that can be bundled into your merchant accounts and grow with your business a payment gateway is your best option. Total Merchant Services offers low cost merchant accounts bundled with payment gateway from and 24 hour dependable customer service.

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