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How to apply credit card in bdo

how to apply credit card in bdo

This situation might be you,

"I'm an OFW here in abroad (Japan), can i avail to get a credit card thru online?"

BDO allows you apply a credit card online even if you are based overseas (in Japan for example).

However, please note that bank officers in BDO are not in the position to advise you of the probability of the approval of your application. All BDO Credit Card applications will undergo credit evaluation based on the documents you submitted.

Should you wish to apply for a BDO Credit Card, please follow these steps:

1.) Download and print the application form from BDO website at and click on "Credit/Debit Cards" -> select from these choices: "MasterCard", "American Express", "Visa", "JCB" or "Union Pay" -> click on "Application Requirements" tab to view the requirements.

To download and print the application form, click on "Brochures and Forms" -> click the appropriate forms among these links:

  • BDO Credit Card Generic Application Form
  • BDO Shop More MasterCard Application Form
  • BDO Forever 21

    MasterCard Application Form

  • BDO UnionPay Gold Credit Card Application Form
  • BDO Bench MasterCard Application Form

2.) Submit your BDO Credit Card application documents through ANY of the following channels:

  • Fax to +632 702 6881 or 702 6882
  • Email by visiting BDO official website at - and click "Contact Us" at the bottom part of the page. From the "Subject" drop down, kindly select "Credit Cards". You may attach file/s up to 1 MB through the "Attach File" button located at the bottom part of the page.

BDO's processing unit will evaluate your application and will decide if they will still require your original application form. They will be in contact with you for any other necessary documentary requirements.

Please note that applications with incomplete information and documents will not be processed.

Kindly allow maximum of 21 banking days upon receipt of complete documents for the processing of your BDO Credit Card application.

BDO is happy to serve you! BDO find ways!

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