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How to apply for a joint credit card

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Intro: When married it may be a good idea to get a joint credit card because of the many benefits. Follow these steps to apply for a joint credit card.

Step 1: To apply for a joint credit card, you must have a primary card holder and a secondary credit card holder. The primary card holder will have their name appear on the monthly bill. The person with the better credit score should be the primary credit card holder.

Step 2: Determine which company you want to open a credit card with. You can visit any one of the major credit card company’s websites to apply.

Step 3: To apply for a joint credit card, the primary card holder should start to fill out the credit card application. You will have to give them the standard credit card information such as your full name, address, birth date, and etc.

Step 4: Somewhere on the credit card application, you will find an

“Additional Card” portion which is where the secondary card holder will fill out there information. On a paper application, this section may be on the second page or back of the application. An online application may contain a separate link which you have to click on to get to the secondary card holder information section.

Step 5: Once you fill out the entire application, submit it to the credit card company or bank, and wait for your approval. Once approved, they will mail you your joint credit card!

Tip: To apply for a joint credit card, you need to have a primary and secondary card holder with at least one member having good credit.

You should check both peoples credit scores before applying to get better idea of if you should even risk getting a joint card. Click here for a free credit report.

Warnings: Be careful when entering into a joint credit card; any charges or penalties from one person will affect both people.

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