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How to apply for a wamu credit card

how to apply for a wamu credit card

Washington Mutual Credit Cards

Washington Mutual credit cards aren’t available anymore. WaMu was bought out by JPMorgan Chase in the fall of 2008, which means that no new credit cards will be issued under that name. Existing Washington Mutual credit card customers can still use their cards, and they can make their payments at either a WaMu or Chase branch.

Washington Mutual Bought By Chase

The Washington Mutual Bank was one of the largest financial institutions in the United States. The company served the needs of individual customers, as well as small and medium-sized business owners with loans, mortgages and credit card needs through its subsidiary companies.

Washington Mutual’s banking operations were bought out by JPMorgan Chase in September of 2008.

JP Morgan Chase is the largest bank in the country, and has more than $2 trillion in assets. WaMu customers can visit one of Chase’s 14,000 ATMs and 5,400 branches for their financial needs.

Credit Cards Offered By Washington Mutual

Washington Mutual’s Platinum credit cards were an option that was popular with consumers, since they were advised immediately whether their application would be accepted or rejected. If they were rejected, they could move on to apply for credit with a different company, and if they were accepted they knew they could look forward to receiving a new card in the mail shortly. The WaMu Platinum card also offered zero liability on any unauthorized purchases. Customers, who were understandably concerned about having their card and/or their identity stolen, were attracted by this card feature.

Washington Mutual took over the Provident Credit Card Company, which increased its ranking to number nine in the nation. After Provident was taken over by Washington Mutual, the company offered more cards: the Providian Real Rewards, Providian Cash Back, and Providian Rewards.

The Providian Real Rewards card gave customers points whenever they used it. The rewards included items like gift certificates for restaurants. Customers could also buy airline tickets under the rewards program.

For customers who preferred to receive their rewards in the form of cash back could opt for the Providian Cash Back credit card. Customers were given the opportunity to get cash back on all of their purchases. This was a very popular option in the Providian credit card line.

The Providian Rewards card gave customers a bonus in the form

of a single point for each dollar they charged to their account. They had the option of taking the reward as gift certificates, merchandise, or travel benefits. The flexibility this card offered was attractive to a number of cardholders.

Customers who are looking for Washington Mutual credit cards online are immediately forwarded to the Chase web site to see the selection of cards offered by Chase to its customers. For questions or concerns about WaMu credit cards, customers can contact a customer service agent with Chase for assistance. They also have the opportunity to transfer an outstanding balance to another credit card with a lower interest rate if they want to.

Credit Cards Offered By Chase

Chase offers a Low Interest credit card with a 0% annual interest rate for new customers. This introductory rate is good for 12 billing cycles after the account is open. After that point, the standard card rate applies. There is no annual fee, and customers have the protection of zero liability on unauthorized purchases.

The Chase Freedom credit card gives new customers $50 cash back on their initial purchase. Subsequent purchases earn the customer one percent cash back. This card has an introductory interest rate of 0%, and there is no annual fee.

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For customers who want to earn points on their credit card purchases, the Chase Sapphire card is an attractive option. New customers get 10,000 points credited to their account after their first purchase. The points don’t expire, and they can be used for any reward the customer chooses. No annual fees are charged.

Business customers may be interested in the Chase Business credit card. Eligible business purchases are eligible for up to 3% cash back. Again, there is no annual fee for this card.

Compare Credit Card Offers Available To You Now!

Washington Mutual is just one of the best banks for credit cards available to you. It’s always a good idea to consider several options before making a decision about which card to apply for. You will want to be sure that you understand all of the terms, including the permanent rate of interest on the card, before you apply for one. The free credit card tool on this page is here to help you find the right card for your needs.

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