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how to apply for abn amro credit card

ABN AMRO Bank Credit Cards offers some of the very best credit cards that are available. ABN AMRO Bank Credit cards supplies different types of credit cards for customers in India.

The information below explains about ABN AMRO Bank and the different types of credit cards available. There is also information on how to apply for a credit card and the benefits.

The bank has branches in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Jaipur and first opened back in 1924, and is one of the leading capital firms in the Midwest, and is amongst the top ten banks in the world, with assetts of $504 and a AA credit rating.

Different types of Amro Bank credit cards.

Some of the more popular credit cards available are the Smart Gold, Barista and Adlabs credit card. One can apply for a Gold credit card online but need to be salaried or self employed to be eligible.

This card offers a higher credit limit than most cards. Applicants can also get car rental discount, along with a package of offers and discounts with insurances. The joining fee for this type of card is RS.500 with an annual fee of RS 2,000 p.a. The Barista credit

card has a joining fee of RS.199 and an annual fee of RS.299 and provides benefits at Barista coffee shops.

The Adlabs credit card has a joining fee of RS.199 and an annual fee of RS.299 and has a credit limit up to RS.20,000 with benefits of being able to earn RS.5 when spending RS.100 which can be redeemed for free movie tickets.

Documents required for Amro Bank credit cards

All applicants should supply proof of income like payslip, salary certificate etc. A copy of address is also required along with present bank statements from the last three months and these should be submitted along with your application for a credit card.

The billing procedure of the Amro Bank will be sent monthly to the cardholders address and payment should be made before the due date. Payment can also be made online for your convenience.

You can also visit the website of ABN AMRO Bank to apply for your credit card or you can contact them on there 24 hour careline or by telephoning 91 11 2375 5130 where you can discuss any queries or concerns that you may have, or any further information that you may require.

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