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Learn How to Apply for SSS Salary Loan Online

L ife’s full of surprises. You’ll never know one day you’ll be needing significant amount of cash to pay an emergency expense. If you have a little money saved in your bank, your problem is instantly solved. But if you don’t, are you doomed? Not really.

There are tons of options to consider and getting a quick loan might be the right one for you. Before asking help from someone else, consider first the SSS Salary loan. SSS Salary loan can provide you at least an average of your latest 12 monthly salary credit or a two month SSS salary loan which is equivalent to twice the average of your latest 12 monthly salary credits posted.

The good old days are gone. You can now apply for an SSS salary loan online. And the good thing about this is it will only cost you fifteen to thirty minutes of your time to apply for your SSS Salary loan. Forget about filling up application forms and long waiting list of SSS branches. You can easily apply for your SSS Salary Loan online without the hassle.

This means that you can apply for SSS Salary loan on the go, making the process even easier than before.

Today We learn how to apply for SSS Salary Loan Online

To start making you SSS Salary loan online, you need to log in to your My.SSS account. If you don’t have a My.SSS online inquiry account, you need to register for a My.SSS online account to be able to apply for SSS Salary Loan online. To register your My.SSS online inquiry account, you are required to provide some personal detail especially your SSS number as well as your Employer’s SSS Number. Learn on how to register your my.sss online inquiry account here .

If you have a My.SSS online inquiry account you can now go to My.SSS Online Inquiry Log in page .

Once logged in, the website will display its Main Menu where you can see important links. In the left side of you screen, click on the TRANSACTION and click again the Salary Loan Application. In my case, the Employer ID is automatically populated. I did not enter those figures. If in your case that the SSS Employer ID Number is blank, enter correctly your SSS Employer ID Number so that your SSS Loan Application online will go to the next step. The SSS Salary Loanable amount cannot be modified and will be automatically computed. Know more about SSS Salary loan here .

Don’t forget to tick the “I agree to the Terms and Conditions” statement. Read the SSS Salary Loan terms and conditions online if you prefer. Once satisfied with your online application of salary loan, click the submit button.

It’s not an error but you will be directed again to the same page of SSS Salary loan online application. Click again the submit button.

A message confirming your SSS Salary Loan online application was successful will be presented. The message states:

You have successfully submitted your SSS Salary Loan Application. We are awaiting the certification from your employer. Your salary loan application will expire if your employer fails to certify on or before Months Date, Year. Please take note of your transaction number XX-XXXXXXXXX-X.

To explain this part further, your employer will be contacted by a SSS through their SSS Employer online account (if

they have one) or any manner they prefer to verify if you are an existing employee of their company. If your employer did not respond to their requested certification for your SSS salary loan application online on or before the given period, then it will expire and you have to resubmit another SSS Loan application online. In my case I didn’t have any problem with the certification from my employer because our HR / Payroll personnel is regularly checking its My.SSS online account and responds immediately to their requests. If you’ve been rejected by SSS because your Employer did not respond to their request, I suggest that after you submitted your second SSS Salary Loan Application online, notify your Company department that handles the Employee benefits/SSS Loans or Company Certification. This department might be your Human Resources or the Payroll Department. Tell them that you are making a SSS Salary loan online and they need to verify/certify you that you are an existing employee of the company. No sweat right?

The period given to your employer takes three (3) to five (5) working days before it expires.

If your employer responded to SSS request to verify you as their employer, you will not encounter any problem. SSS Office will process you loan immediately. SSS will send you a check named after you.

Don’t get to excited applying for a SSS Salary Loan

You might be get sooo excited after reading this blog about applying for SSS Salary loan online. Don’t be, you might get this message:

Remember that you should be eligible to apply for a SSS Salary loan to be approved. If you’re not sure if you’re eligible or not, you can try two things: Know the things about the requirements on how to apply for a SSS Short term / Salary loan before applying your SSS Salary Loan online or you can simply proceed on applying for your SSS salary loan online. If you’re not eligible to make your SSS Salary loan, the website will reject your application and display a message below.

My SSS Salary Loan Application Online Experience:

There’s nothing exciting about my experience on making an SSS salary loan online, it’s just the check arrivedquickly. I applied online last June 18, 2012. I actually take a screenshot of every steps on making my loan so that I can share it with you. I managed to apply for my first SSS salary loan online successfully. If you noticed, SSS gave my employer two working days (jun 18-20) to verify or respond to their verification/certification request that I am their existing employee. I never knew how SSS contacted my employer but HR told me that they have My.SSS online account. They respond immediately and my application for SSS Salary loan was back in SSS Office in a short time. June XX, 2012, I received an email from HR that my SSS Check is ready for pick up. Can you imagine, it took only X days to have an SSS Loan without costing me a single dime or breaking a sweat. I just sat in front of my computer and submitted an application.

I really don’t even need the money. Out of curiosity, I just tried it out. And that’s my story folks!

Do you want to make your loan now? Tell us what you’ve learned and your experiences on making a SSS salary loan online! Share it with us in the comments.

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