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How to apply for extended unemployment benefits california

how to apply for extended unemployment benefits california

You must meet all eligibility requirements to be able to receive payments. You will also be asked to file biweekly continued claims to keep receiving benefits. You must meet all requirements to remain eligible. These include being physically able to work, available for work and actively looking for work. If you don’t meet the requirements, the Department will schedule a phone interview. Your benefits may be reduced or denied. If the individual disagrees with the decision, he or she may appeal.

School Employee Claims

School Employees are either:

  • Individuals who work or provide services for a public or private nonprofit school employer
  • Individuals employed by a nonprofit or public entity employer who provides services to or on behalf of an educational institution

The eligibility requirements for school employees are different. A school employee may not be eligible to receive benefits if all the following occur:

  • A claim is filed during a recess period.
  • Only school wages are in the base period of the claim.
  • There is an offer to return to work for a school employer when the recess period ends.

* A recess period is the period of time between terms, or within terms, when classes are not usually scheduled.

For more information about school employee claims, visit:

Out-of-state, Military and Federal Claims

Federal civilian employees and ex-military personnel qualify for Unemployment Insurance benefits. They need to provide extra documentation in order to complete the application process.

They will need:

  • Copies of the Standard Form 8 and Standard Form 50.
  • Copy of Member 4 of their DD214.
  • Mail copies to EDD.
  • Documents are mailed to the employee at the time of separation.
  • Mail a copy to EDD.
  • The DD214 is mailed to the servicemember at the time of separation.
  • If you do not have your DD214, The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) can help. To contact NARA, visit:

*If you worked and earned wages in another state, it can be used in your claim.

You may apply by phone or by mail.


Visit directory at:

Mail or Fax

Fill out the paper application available through eApply4UI. Visit:

Please send papers by mail or fax to the EDD office listed on the application.

What happens if I’m fired, laid off or if I quit?

You must report if you are fired, quit your job or refuse work to EDD, so a determination of eligibility for UI benefits can be made.

In most cases, a worker must be out of work through no fault of their own to be eligible for benefits without penalty.

There is no penalty or reduction in Unemployment Insurance benefits if you are laid off.

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