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How to apply for ga unemployment benefits

how to apply for ga unemployment benefits

How to apply

Unemployed Georgia residents can easily file a claim for UC benefits on the telephone, online or at a local career center.


You just need to call the OLIVoR – the Interactive Voice Response System of Georgia, and your claim would be filed.

Online Registration

 In Person

You’ll have to find your local Georgia Department of Labor Career Center in order to file your unemployment compensation claim.

It is important to apply for your benefits immediately after losing your job. Since UC benefits are not retroactive, any sort of delay in applying might result in losing the benefits. You will need the following information when completing your claim for benefits:

  • Name & address
  • Separate letter or notice from your former employer
  • Social Security Number.
  • Names dates, and addresses of the employers you worked for in the past year and a half
  • In order to have your UC benefits paid via direct deposit, you’ll have to bring a check along with your bank account number and routing number
  • If you have been a Federal employee for the last 18 months, you are going to need SF 50 or SF 8. You might also need pay-stubs or your W2.
  • People who have been discharged from the military and are planning to file for UC benefits are going to have

    to present Copy#4 of their DD form 214.

  • In case you are not a US citizen, an Alien Registration Number would be required along with its expiration and type.


The weekly benefits provided by the Department of Labor and the number of weeks of entitlement to the UC benefits are entirely based on the time you worked and the salary you were paid during your base period.

Normally, the quarter in which, during your base year, you earn the most is referred to as the highest quarter. Your weekly benefits are calculated by dividing the amount of money you earned during your highest quarter by 26. The resulted amount cannot exceed the benefits permitted by rule. If you are wondering what a base period is, it is the time period used as the basis for determining if you are monetarily eligible for Unemployment Compensation Benefits or not.

Unemployment Compensation benefits in Georgia are normally a minimum of $44 per week. The unemployment benefits can be claimed for up to twenty-six weeks.


Official Website

Program Contact Information

The Georgia Department of Labor operates fifty-three local Career Centers. All these centers are electronically connected to each other, and they offer a number of different services to the employers as well as the job seekers. In order to find the nearest center, visit the following website:

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