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How to apply for juniper credit card

how to apply for juniper credit card

Juniper MasterCard Prepaid Card

The Juniper MasterCard prepaid card isn’t the best or worst of the bunch, but it may meet your needs. It has fewer fees than some of its competitors and more than others. Like most, it does not require a credit check.

There is also no bank account attached to the card, which makes it a safer and more private mode of payment. Cash is king, but in a world becoming more and more dominated by the credit card, the Juniper MasterCard gives those with little or no credit the chance to make purchases wherever MasterCard is accepted.

Review the facts to decide if this card is a good choice for you and then once you have finished reading this Juniper prepaid credit card review consider submitting a secure Juniper credit card application using the apply button at the top of the page or use our free tool to find and compare credit cards today!

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How Does the Juniper Prepaid Card Work?

A prepaid card is loaded with money by the cardholder. Each load, or pre-payment, can be sent through direct deposit (the best option in this case, as it is free) or at the load stations of authorized partners. Loading up through the use of a Green Dot MoneyPak will cost $4.95 per load, while using Western Union will cost $3.95 per load. Both these services are widely available across the United States.

A cardholder may load up to $5,000 onto his Juniper MasterCard prepaid card. Funds cannot be added to the card more than twice in one day or more than 25 times in a month. The most that can be put on a card in one day is $2,500.

Fewer Fees with the Juniper MasterCard Prepaid Card

The Juniper MasterCard prepaid card does not charge a transaction fee. The sad fact is that many prepaid cards do, in fact, tack on a fee to all purchases made, whether carried out at the point of sale, on-line, or through direct deposit. The Juniper MasterCard prepaid card allows cardholders carry out all these transactions at no cost to them.

There is also no monthly maintenance fee if the cardholder signs up for direct deposit. Through direct deposit, a consumer may apply his paycheck, Social Security check, pension, or other regular form of income directly to the Juniper MasterCard prepaid card. The direct deposit option can be activated through the cardholder’s online account after the appropriate paperwork has been submitted to his employer(s) or government benefits office.

Cash can be Costly

Using the Juniper MasterCard prepaid card at ATM machines can be a costly endeavor. Using the card as a debit card at a place of business will cost

$2.00 per transaction, or $5.00 for international transactions. Taking out cash from a bank will cost 5% of the amount withdrawn. When travelling internationally, or when using the card for a transaction made in anything other than US dollars, a currency conversion charge will be applied. That charge will be either 3% of the transaction or $5.00, depending on which is greater.

How Funds can get Tied Up

It is important to have enough money backing up the card at all times. One must be aware that unexpected pre-authorizations and holds may be applied to any card at many common places of business, including restaurants and gas stations.

At a gas station, this can happen when the cardholder swipes the card to pay for gas. A pre-authorization will go out in order to assure the merchant that the card is a legitimate form of payment. Since the merchant does not know how much money the cardholder will be spending on gas, it assumes an amount of $75. If there is not at least $75 on the prepaid card, it will be declined. That same $75 will be tied up for a certain amount of time even if it is not spent in its entirety.

When the amount of the transaction is less than the pre-authorization requested, the difference will not be released from the hold until the authorization expires. This can be anywhere from 2 days to a week.

Protecting Funds from Theft

The prepaid card, while inferior to unsecured credit cards (and even most secured cards) in so many ways, does carry the benefit of theft protection. The Juniper MasterCard prepaid card is a beneficiary of the same MasterCard Zero Liability program that is offered to unsecured credit cards. Zero Liability assures cardholders that they will have $0 in liability in cases of theft and fraudulent usage as long as they: a) are in good standing, b) have exercised reasonable care in safeguarding their cards and card numbers, c) have not reported more than one unauthorized use in the past year, d) did not use a PIN as the verification method for the fraudulent purchases.

Applying for the Juniper MasterCard Prepaid Card

The Juniper MasterCard prepaid card can be a good option for those with a poor or nonexistent credit history who would like to use their own piece of plastic in a credit card dominated economy. All it takes is a visit to the card’s application page, where the soon-to-be cardholder will be asked to submit his age, social security number and a verifiable address (no PO or APO addresses will be accepted). Provided that all the information on the application is correct, approval is virtually guaranteed. Apply for the Juniper credit card or compare credit cards today!

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