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How to File for Pennsylvania Extended Unemployment Benefits

how to apply for pa unemployment benefits

If you need to learn how to file for Pennsylvania extended unemployment benefits. this page will be describing the important information you'll need to file your claim. Even though applying for the extended compensation is a relatively straightforward process, you should get to know the full program guidelines before applying.

Extended unemployment benefits in Pennsylvania are available as a result of the Worker Assistance Act of 2009. This act was signed into law by President Obama on November 6. 2009 and it provides federal funding for all states to extend the current EUC program by an additional 14 weeks. One additional week is added to the existing Tier 2 of EUC and the other 13 weeks form a third EUC Tier.

Pennsylvania also offers a state-funded extended unemployment benefit program that offers another 13 weeks of compensation when EUC Tiers have been exhausted. High Unemployment Period Extended Benefits, or HUP EB, were initiated in August 2009 and provide 7 more weeks of benefits when state extended benefits have run out. This means that an unemployed worker in Pennsylvania may qualify to receive up to 93 weeks of total compensation.

A short term extension of the EUC program was signed into law on April 15. 2010. Benefits were allowed to expire after June 2. but those whose compensation was interrupted after the expiration will receive benefits retroactive to that date. On July 21. 2010, the United States Senate voted to extend the EUC program again through November 30. 2010. Claimants who have already received the maximum benefits available will not qualify for any additional compensation under this extension. Those who stopped filing benefit claims during the suspension should contact the Pennsylvania Department of Labor about resuming their benefits.

To receive extended benefits in Pennsylvania, you'll need to do three things. First, you should make sure you are eligible for the EUC program. Then, you'll want to gather the information you'll need to file. Third, you'll submit a claim, if necessary.

Step 1: Evaluate Your Eligibility for EUC

The first thing you need to do to receive extended unemployment benefits in Pennsylvania is make sure that you will be eligible to receive compensation. First, you must have completely exhausted all of your available compensation before you can file for EUC. But you will also need to maintain eligibility for initial unemployment benefits. This includes the following

To receive benefits, you will also have to meet financial eligibility requirements. This will be determined using a base year, which refers to the first four of the last five calendar quarters preceding your claim. Your financial eligibility will be calculated for you using your earned income. This will then be reported to you on Form UC-44F "Notice of Financial Determination".

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