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how to apply for ptptn loan

Application for education loans can be made as follows:

  • Applicants must apply for education financing online through the Online Loan Application Website at
  • Applicants are allowed to apply based only on the date set by the respective higher education institutes. Information on the dates to make applications in accordance with the relevant institutions can be found on the PTPTN website (
  • Applicants need to buy a PIN number for RM5.00 which is available at all branches of the Bank Simpanan Nasional through the 3 channels stated below before making the initial registration for education financing application:-
  1. Counter
  2. Automated teller machine(ATM)
  3. Cash deposit machine (CDM)

The PIN number is valid for only 6 months after the date of application registration (initial registration).

  • Applicants must have received the offer of admission to a higher education institute prior to applying for education financing.
  • Applicants must have an individual account number in the bank specified by the respective institution, except for applicants studying in an institution that provides the facility of pre-opening bank accounts for its students.
  • Applicants furthering their studies at master / PhD (full time) under the financing of the Second Economic Stimulus Package (mini budget) from the Ministry of Higher Education must select a course that begins with the words "Mini Budget" in the Programme / Course Name.
  • Applicants can check their application results via the PTPTN Online Loan Aplication Website from the 6 th day (working day) after the online closing date prescribed by PTPTN.
  • Successful applicants must browse the PTPTN Loan Application Online Website to print the documents listed.
  • Please ensure your computer has Adobe Acrobat Reader software for the purpose of printing the document. The software can be downloaded from the website, Please click on the icon 'Get ADOBE READER' and install it on your computer. \
  • The documents listed below must be printed on white A4 paper (80 gsm). Print only on one side of each sheet (for each page). The ink must be black.

i. Prepare 2 sets (a printed set and a photocopied set are allowed) of the Education Financing Offer Letter (together with Acknowledgement of Receipt, Approval Letters 1, 2, 3 and 4). Please completeand sign both sets of the documents **.

ii. Prepare 2 sets (a printed set and a photocopied set are allowed) of the Education Financing Agreement. Please complete and sign both sets of documents **.

iii. Prepare 2 sets (a printed set and a photocopied set are allowed) of the Education Financing Agreement Appendix. Students are required to initial on each page in the space provided at the bottom of the document **.

iv. Prepare 2 revenue stamps worth RM10.00 each. Each set of the Education Financing Agreement that has been completed must be affixed with a revenue stamp

worth RM10.00 at the top right corner of the front page. (REFER TO APPENDIX A ON THE FINANCING AGREEMENT DOCUMENT.)

The complete sets of the document are for the purpose of filing and reference of theloan recipient and PTPTN.

Recipients are also required to submit ONE (1) COPY of CERTIFIED / SIGNED supporting documents as follows:

  • Financing Application Information to be printed by clicking on the PRINT INFORMATION button in the Online Application Website after registration. - This document does not need to be certified
  • Copy of the recipient's identity card. Photocopy of the front and back of the card to appear on the same page.
  • Copy of Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM / SPMV). The SPM / SPMV result slip is valid for use only if it does not exceed 2 years from the year of examination.
  • Copy of letter of admission offer into a higher education institute. The letter printed from the internet / portal of a higher education institute must be certified by a Group A Officer of the institute concerned only.
  • Copy of account passbook (page with the account number displayed) / bank deposit slip / verification of personal account number by the bank specified by the higher education institute. This document is to be provided only in the event of error in the account number in the recipient's agreement document.
  • Copy of examination transcript and other admission qualification certificates.
  • Example: STPM / diploma / matriculation / bachelor / master.
  • Copy of salary slip / income tax return (individual) / retiree card/ pension statement / income verification letter / letter of confirmation of unemployment – FIRST GUARDIAN (1).
  • Copy of salary slip / income tax return (individual) / retiree card / pension statement /income verification letter / letter of confirmation of unemployment – SECOND GUARDIAN (2).
  • Copy of pay slip / copy of income tax return (individual) / income verification letter – RECIPIENT (if the recipient is still working) .
  • Copy of salary slip / income tax return (individual) / income verification letter / letter of confirmation of unemployment – SPOUSE OF RECIPIENT (if the recipient is married)
  • Letter of Confirmation / Declaration of the Social Welfare Department / Central Zakat if receiving monthly from the relevant Agency - RECIPIENT COST / parents / GUARDIAN .
  • Work Experience Verification Letter from Employer. ( For the recipient. the cost of using the experience as one of the entry qualification )
For students who submit applications in semester 2 and above, the following additional documents are required:
  • Confirmation letters are still learning from the IPT and
  • Copy of the results of all previous semesters. ( All supporting documents must photocopy of an A4 size paper using qualified and certified officials. Information about the officers eligible to certify documents can be obtained from PTPTN website .)
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