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How to apply for tax credit.

how to apply for tax credits

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Applying the Home Buyer Tax Credit to Your 2008 Return

To claim the credit on your 2008 taxes, you must file an amendment to your 2008 return. To do this you will need two forms: Form 1040X (PDF 365K ) for filing an amended return; and Form 5405 (PDF 257K) for the home buyer tax credit.

You can visit the IRS site using the links, print out, and fill in the forms manually or type into the forms and save them on your computer. Be aware, though, that the 1040X tax form can only be filed in hard copy, and cannot be submitted electronically.

  • Then fill out Form 1040X.

    On the 1040X you'll find a section called "Payments." Look for Line 15, "Credits." On this line you have three columns. On the first you list the credits you took in your original filing (for most people, this will likely be zero); on the second you list any new credits; and on the third you list the "correct" amount (that is, what the new amount should be).

  • If in your original filing you took no credits, you enter a zero in the first column.
  • In the second column you enter the amount of your credit, which for many people will be the full $8,000.
  • And in the third column you list the correct amount, which in most cases simply means restating the $8,000.
  • Add your housing tax credit amount to any other amendments you're making then total all the amendments up.
  • On the back of the form, write an explanation of why you're filing the amendment. Here you should explain in 2-3 sentences why you want to take the credit. You should include the day that you closed on the house and mention that you're electing to amend your 2008 return rather than wait until 2009.
  • Finally, attach Form 5405 to Form 1040X and file your amended return.

    Collecting Your Refund

    Any adjustment to your 2008 taxes along with any refund for which you qualify will be sent to you. Since the tax credit is fully refundable even if your tax liability is less than the tax credit amount, you get the full value of the credit. That means the IRS will cut you a check for the balance.

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