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What should I do to apply for unemployment benefit?

how to apply for the unemployment benefit

Start your job search at the latest on the first day of your unemployment. Also do this after you complete labour market training or a work period on pay subsidy. You can already begin your job search before your unemployment or lay-off period starts.

Your job search must be valid in order for you to receive unemployment benefit. Your waiting period will also only begin once you have started your job search. During the waiting period, no unemployment benefit will be paid.

We will issue a labour policy statement for the unemployment fund or the Social Insurance Institution (Kela) on your eligibility for unemployment benefit. You can then apply to an unemployment fund or Kela to the unemployment benefit. They will decide on the other conditions of receiving a benefit.

Start your job search online

The easiest and fastest way of starting your job search is to do it online:

  • Log in to My services using your personal banking ID or an identity card with a chip. To access this service, click on the Asioi verkossa (E-services) button. (in Finnish)
  • Respond to the questions in the online service and submit your information. After this your job search will be valid immediately.
  • You will receive an acknowledgement of reception that shows the information you submitted and the period of validity of your job search. You will also receive instructions on what to do next.

If you do not have a personal banking ID or an identity card with a chip, you can only begin your job search by contacting the TE Office in person.

As a jobseeker you will be a possible candidate when we have vacancies to fill in. We will make you job offers that are suitable for you.

Expert services tailored to your needs

We will assess your situation based on the information you submitted. If you could benefit from one-to-one services of an expert, we will contact you within two weeks after your job search becomes valid. We will discuss the type of assistance you may need and decide how you will keep in contact with us in the future.

If you know that your situation will change within three months, you may not need the one-to-one services of our experts.

Prepare to prove your right to unemployment benefit

If you are applying for unemployment benefit, the information you provide in our online service may be enough to draw up a labour policy statement, which we will send to the unemployment fund or Kela.

If we need more information from you for this statement, we will contact you. The acknowledgement of receipt will indicate that a labour policy statement has been issued or that the TE Office will contact you for further information.

For drawing up the labour policy statement, the TE Office may request one of the following documents:

your latest employment certificates or your employment contract if you are still working

  • your lay-off notice or certificate if you have been laid off
  • your school-leaving and qualification certificates
  • a certificate of resignation or interruption of studies if you have left the educational institution or interrupted your studies
  • a document showing the starting date and scope of your studies if you are still studying
  • the results of any applications for student admission if you are under the age of 25
  • proof of having completed the Finnish national military or non-military service
  • your passport or a certificate of your passport being held by the authorities, and your work and residence permits if you are an immigrant.

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