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How to apply mortgage

how to apply mortgage

How to apply for a remortgage

Looking to Compare Remortgages?  then let us help you. is the leading UK online Remortgage Comparison site and will find the right mortgage deal for you. You might be coming to the end of your current fixed or discounted mortgage because you have been with your present mortgage lender for two or more years and because you have seen that lender rates are changing all the time, feel that you need to switch to another provider in order to save yourself some money. Due to this there could be a good remortgage deal out there for you. We here at will be able to compare remortgages that are currently on offer and would suit you.

We compare remortgages by searching the market, all we need you to do is give us a few details about yourself and we will call you back with what we have located to suit your particular requirements. This service is free and without obligation. Let us take the stress and hard work out of searching for the right deal.

So your mortgage deal has reached its end and you want to look around for a cheaper and new mortgage deal that is called a remortgage. If you actually decide not to switch lenders then you will return to the lenders SVR (Standard Variable Rate.  It might be that the rate they offer is actually quite good and so you do not need to remortgage.  On the other hand you might not have established much value in your property and find you could not remortgage as some lenders today demand  a 20%minimum. But if your property has a lot of value then it could be possible for you to remortgage with another lender offering a far more advantageous interest rate.

There are a number of factors that you need to consider before you think of applying for a remortgage or remortgaging which will make the whole process far easier and faster.

  • As there are many different sorts of remortgages to choose from then it’s a good idea to acquaint yourself what these deals are. You will find useful information with regards to the various types of mortgages on the market on our website.
  • Take advantage of our online remortgage calculator and find out the interest rates that are presently obtainable. It takes but a few minutes with a remortgage calculator and will put you in the picture as what interest rates are presently available. Having such information will help you understand what would be a good offer for your needs should you decide to remortgage.
  • You must know how much a month you could

    afford. So by using the quick remortgage calculator you will be able to compare what you are currently paying with what your remortgage monthly payments could be.

  • You will discover that some remortgages have fees associated with them which have to be taken into consideration as well as with the interest rate in order to see if the deal is beneficial to you. These fees can come in the shape of administrative fees, fees for valuations as well as fees for legal services. A remortgage deal with a slightly lower interest rate offer but which has fees associated with it could prove to be more costly. So make certain that the remortgage expert clearly explains all fees and costs related to the deals that you are taking into consideration.
  • Another important factor to consider is should you decide to end the remortgage deal what the charge would be. In some cases there are penalties charged for early exit and can prove to be very expensive, entailing you to being tied into the deal which in turn could bring about your missing out on deals that might offer you excellent savings in the future. If you feel that you want to have the option of exiting a remortgage deal then you must find out the cost of this before you undertake remortgaging.
  • Make sure you have all the information that a prospective lender or remortgage broker will need. Don’t forget it makes no difference if you are applying online or are applying in person for your remortgage, by having the relevant information to hand you will make the whole process far simpler and faster. The sort of information usually required is details of your earnings, any debts, and information regarding your present mortgage.
  • You have to be aware that the length of time it takes for your remortgage to be approved is in the hands of your lender or remortgage broker and you should try and make yourself available to answer any queries they might have as rapidly as possible, this can all help to reduce any delays.

So now you know what you need to do in order to apply for a remortgage. Now its time for you to go and click on our ‘NO OBLIGATION QUOTE’ box. select remortgage and put in the value of the property you are thinking of remortgaging along with the amount of the loan you require, press the ‘Search Tab’, fill in the few details we require and then click on the ‘get quote’ tab and sit back and wait for us to call you back. Remember we here at take the stress and hard work out of all that research.

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