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How to Apply for SBI Railway Card & Check Status

The State Bank of India is a leader in introducing novel concepts in banking and related services. Through a joint venture with IRCTC, it has come up with an exclusive SBI credit card to book railway tickets.  Besides this, it also offers you host of other benefits.

With the revolutionary trend brought by IRCTC in providing travelling comforts to the passengers, this is yet another provision to help people overcome their difficulties. With this unique step brought through collaboration between Indian railways and IRCTC, travel in Indian railway can be easy and comfortable.

Let’s see a few benefits, how to apply and check the status of SBI Railway Card online step by step below:


  • If you book ticket through SBI card, then you get back 10% on the value of your ticket.
  • While you book ticket with the help of SBI card in the website of IRCTC, you pay 0% transaction charges.
  • With every Rs 125 spent on the purchase of tickets, you get 1 point awarded to you for further discounts on booking.
  • You can fill your vehicle at any petrol pump with 0% surcharge.

How can you apply for the SBI Railway card?

  • First of all, you need to go to this page here  and move your mouse on to the left side of the page under ‘Travel & Shopping Cards’ and click on ‘IRCTC SBI Card’ as shown below:

  • On the next webpage, you get the details of SBI Railway / IRCTC card from benefits and charges in details.
  • If you are an already a card holder from SBI, you can login with your username and password and apply in your account for the SBI railway card.
  • Now you have enough information regarding the SBI Railway card from charges and features, now click here to apply online for the SBI Railway card.
  • Now you will have to fill up the online application form carefully as shown below:

  • Fill up all details and click on Next and you are done.

What is the Customer Care No. of SBI Railway Card?

SBI Railway Credit Card Helpline from anywhere in India

  • From All Phones   :   39 02 12 12 (give STD code of your city while calling from mobile)
  • From BSNL/MTNL:  1800 180 1295 (toll free number)

How can you check the status of your SBI Railway card application?

Once you applied for the SBI Railway card then you can check the status online in few clicks as per below step by step guidelines:

  • Go to this page where you will have to give your date of birth, application number and form number as shown in below screen:

  • Click on the “track” below and this will give you the status.

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