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How to ask a friend for a loan

how to ask a friend for a loan

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Decide which person it will be that you are going to ask for a personal loan of cash money from. If your credit is bad or if you have no credit, you can ask a friend, relative or other acquaintance for a simple personal loan. Think about the people you know and decide which of them would not be offended by your request, and also might be able to grant it. Nobody likes to ask for loans, but in hard time, we all sometimes may have to do this.

Meet with the person that you are going to ask for the personal loan. This can be at their home, yours, or at a public eating place if you prefer. Do not bring anyone else along with you as this needs to be a private business meeting. Bring along any financial documentation that you feel would be helpful in explaining your situation to them.

Shake the person's hand and greet them in a friendly manner. Get right to the point about your reason for meeting with them. Discuss your needs and detail how much money you need from

them, tell them why you need it, what you plan to use it for and when you intend to repay the personal loan back to the person. Be sincere and honest. If you are not sure of when you can repay the loan, that is not a good thing, but at least be straightforward about it and admit that to them.

Consider offering items of value as collateral if you have anything of value to offer on a loan. You might could use musical instruments, automobiles, tools, property or anything of value. Put together a detailed, interesting and inviting proposal and be ready to lay it all out on the line during your meeting. If the person declines interest in your proposal, accept it kindly and thank the person. Be ready to move on to another person and present the request again until you find one willing to accept your request for a loan. Asking for a loan of any type is not going to be pleasant but sometimes we all may have to do it. I hope this information will assist with getting yourself prepared to ask someone you know to help you out.

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