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How to be a loan agent

At BONDCORP LOAN MODIFICATIONS, INC. our business is to provide our Independent Contractors a turnkey business in loan modifications. We have personalized loan modification web sites available for our Agents, a complete manual of all forms and procedures for starting your own business today. Bondcorp supplies support through the whole process and your commission level depends on just how much involvement you want or require from our specialized staff at Bondcorp Loan Modifications, Inc.

As a Bondcorp Loan Modifications, Inc. Independent Contractor you will be qualified to do your own loan modifications for your clients and earn commissions on your completed loan modifications. Bondcorp makes it a simple and easy process.

Our Loan Modification program is designed to help you make the most of your business. If you aren’t an approved Bondcorp Loan Modification Agent yet start today.


To become an approved Bondcorp Loan

Modifications Independent Contractor, fill out the forms below and fax them to (858)759-4177 or email them to

1. Bondcorp Loan Modification Agreement Form

2. Bondcorp Loan Modification Application Form

4. After we receive your application, agreement and W-9 we will contact you via phone and e-mail. In the e-mail we will inform you of your Bondcorp Loan Modification ID number. You will need this ID number to apply for your personalized loan modification web site.

After receiving your ID number, you will also receive our link for signing up and purchasing your personal Bondcorp Loan Modification web site. You have two web site options to choose from.

5. Agent Forms and Package - Once you have signed up for your personal Bondcorp web site we will supply you with your Bondcorp Loan Modification Manual, and documents to start processing your files.

If you have questions call (858) 759-7770 to speak with our office.

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