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How to become a credit repair specialist

You Will Be An Expert.

Millions of Americans are suffering with credit issues every day. They need your help NOW! Be a credit repair specialist.

Why this business? Take a look at this 60 minutes video. You will discover the massive issues consumers face. Although it shows how difficult the process was for the people in this story, things have changed for those trained in the credit repair process in fixing errors. This is what we teach here at CCA.

In addition to why this business; since the economic crisis many have faced credit issues like never before making this a booming industry. Additionally, as shown in the video, most jobs will perform a credit check prior to hiring. Therefore good credit is needed like never before. Opportunity is knocking at your door because millions will seek help in getting their credit back on track. You can obtain the credentials to start a Credit Repair or Credit Score Optimization service today at a very low start-up cost, earn a great living while operating directly from your kitchen table!

In this current job market climate, many are searching the Internet for the right Business Opportunity; the credit repair industry as well as offering credit information seems like a great choice. Is it? Can you really help consumers? Can you legally improve credit scores and credit reports? Also, you may have discovered during your personal research that there is some negative information circulating regarding this industry. The question I’m sure you want to know: Is it true?

Is Credit Repair Legal or Does is Works? Absolutely! You may hear others use the term scam and unscrupulous when referring to credit repair companies. Why? Well, many consumers have been scammed years ago and the government had to create and enforce special laws to protect them from being victimized by these so-called credit repair firms. But that' all in the past when dealing with consultants with credentials.

By completing our certification program, credit repair training course and being a member of our Trade Association. you will have the credentials you need. You will also have the public confidence to provide solid Credit Repair or Credit Score optimization services with a standard of excellence.

Yes, it is technically true that no one can legally remove accurate and timely information from your credit report. But let's be honest, this is not the total the truth. There are legal techniques available and consultants can easily earn an extra $1000-$2000 per month part-time or $6,000 to $25,000 per month full-time helping consumers with proven strategies to increasing their credit score. Mortgage brokers and real estate agents resolve credit issues with their clients everyday but many are not getting paid for this service. This is why many have received their certification from our organization. They did not have to pay thousands just to learn this business.

With millions of consumers facing credit problems, they are told to: "do-it-yourself" or go to free sources for help. Well consumers are going to these FREE sources and are often given bad advice or they still do not understand how to solve credit issues on their own.


It is our mission at CCA to self-regulate and help consumers find honest credit

repair consultants that will do no harm to consumers and assist them in reaching their credit goals. They will get a consultant that is credit score conscious and NOT just simply writing letters because the see negative trade-lines!

When consumers need a fast approach to navigating the system and solving credit problems, a board certified credit consultant (BCCC) will be the answer. You will find honest BCCC professionals right here, so look no further. Our trade association has strong ethical requirements and a consumer conscious policy. Our members will not cheat, lie or mislead the public. Our goal is to help consumers navigate the system. Yes, they will receive an honest fee for honest work but they will NOT take your money and run or mislead you. Simple, put, they will tell you the TRUTH! We have a complaint center available for those who violate our rules.

We believe that it is absolutely necessary that consumers are made explicitly aware that most credit problems information is FREE and readily available. Also there is nothing that a credit repair firm can do that they can't do themselves with the proper knowledge. However, just like any subject matter, there is a learning curve and many need assistance right NOW. No one should have a problem with a consumer willing to pay for clarity and a better way to navigate the system. This is what any good consultant will do in any industry.

There is an explosion of business right now and to reap its rewards, you need to jump on board. Get amazing credit repair training and With the BCCC designation, you will have the credentials and knowledge to help others and earn a great living by providing top of the line credit servicer as a Board Certified Credit Consultant .

Our comprehensive self-study credit repair training materials will prepare you for the certification test and teach you how to run a successful credit repair business from A to Z; Even if you are a beginner. Several credit repair companies run their employers through our certification process to make sure they are trained.

If you want to learn how to setup your business, deal with clients, keep up with current laws, learn all the necessary credit strategies and perform the job like an expert--this is what we offer. Get the seal that stands for the 3 E's "excellence, ethical and expert" by clicking below

Outdated Warnings : There are some consumer groups stating facts about credit repair companies that are simply OUTDATED by over10 years. There ARE legitimate credit repairs firms and you see them advertising on TV and in social media. These consumer groups make claims about these companies using PayPal as an indicator of not being legitimate and for consumers to beware of them. Our response is that since PayPal has become the go-to merchant for major corporations, merchants and even airlines, it is extremely outdated to suggest otherwise. Therefore if a credit repair firm is using PayPal, they are doing so because it is sound business practice to protect customer’s financial information as other major companies have discovered. Why the warnings? Many are backed and financed by credit bureaus and lending institutions and it is advantageous for them to make those claims. Credit services are very much needed and you should take advantage of the opportunity to get involved and ignore negative noise.

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