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How to Become a Repo Man

how to become a leasing agent

Are you looking to start a career as a repossession or recovery agent? Repossession agents, or so-called "repo men," take ownership of property from those who fail to make payments or default on their loans. A majority of repo men repossess vehicles or boats. In times of economic hardship, the need for recovery agents can be great because more people are finding it difficult to meet their current financial obligations. This page details the necessary steps to show you how to become a repo man. as well as offering tips on how to effectively perform the job.

Repossession agents can work for specific companies or independently, on a contract basis. Many repossession or recovery agents work as

tow truck drivers and can quickly take vehicles from owners who haven't paid their debt. Being a repo man (or woman) can be dangerous work; most people are not happy to see you coming and many will protest the taking of their property. Given the nature of the work, repossession agents often have plenty of jobs during a time of economic crisis/recession. in recent years, the number of vehicle repossessions has climbed more than 10 percent.

While no formal education is required, the person hoping to become a repossession or recovery agent should have a certain level of detective skill - debtors who are losing their property don't always make the repossession job easy.

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