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How to become a mortgage adviser

how to become a mortgage adviser

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You hate Mondays because you hate your job. You should be a Mortgage Advisor…

Mortgage Advisors provide people with advice on which mortgage is right for them, to help them purchase property. You could be advising individuals or entire businesses and provide guidance on one provider, multiple providers or offer products from the market as a whole.

Typical duties for a Mortgage Advisor include:

  • Explaining the features and benefits of different types of mortgages
  • Analysing the market, and weighing up each possibility to make sure the client receives the most

    appropriate and cost effective mortgage possible

  • Discussing financial options with clients, and explaining how repayments work
  • Filling out mortgage application forms on their behalf
  • Liaising with lawyers, conveyancers and estate agents to tie up all loose ends

Confidence, determination and excellent listening skills are all extremely important for those looking to become a Mortgage Advisor. The ability to build a trust in your clients will be the key to being successful in this position, especially when helping with the decision making process.

Excellent commercial awareness and a duty of care to provide your clients with the best possible advice are also essential.

Other key skills include:

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