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Expert: Nicholas C Zannis - 8/14/2006


I need to find out who owns my apartment complex to contact them. I live in Timberglen Apartments located at 3773 Timberglen Rd. Dallas, TX 75287.



Thank you for giving me the opportunity to answer your question. I will be happy to answer your question, but I will also include a little insight to this common asked question in our industry as food for thought before you contact the owner.

It has been my experience that when a tenant is requesting the contact information for the owner of the rental property it is because the tenant is not satisfied with how their concerns are being handled by the on-site staff/management company. I will be a bit presumptuous here and say that is why you are requesting to contact the owner. As such, I want you to just be aware of your actions.

When a tenant is unsatisfied with the results of a conversation/situation in dealing with an individual at the management level they should exhaust every avenue of resolving the problem on-site first. If you are dealing with a subordinate employee, i.e. maintenance technician, leasing agent or even the assistant manager, you should schedule a sit down meeting with the property manager. By doing this you give the manager a chance to “take care of business” at the on-site level before going over her/his head. As you could imagine, going over someone’s head without giving them the opportunity to resolve the problem only further aggravates the situation.

If it is the property manager or “the whole on-site team” that is your issue, you should request to speak to the regional supervisor/corporate manager for the site. You should put your request in writing and cc the property manager. You should follow up

every other week until you get an answer from the property manager’s supervisor. In the event that this fails then you should seek to contact the owner direct and then you can provide the owner proof that you were “being reasonable in your attempt to resolve the situation prior to taking further action”. This goes a long way to establish your credibility if you have documented that you tried to resolve the situation and the on-site staff failed to forward your concerns to the owner as requested. Action would be taken immediately by the owner/corporate office if the on-site staff miss-treated or were intentionally deceptive in their management practices.

Ok, now that I gave you food for thought on how you should handle your situation I will provide the information on your community. Here it is:

Timberglen Apartments

3773 Timberglen Road


“Timberglen Apartments is a 304-unit community located in North Dallas in a desirable, residential area less than a Ѕ mile from an elementary school. It is also directly across the street from a large recreational area, which recently received funding for a new public library. The property was acquired in October 2005. McDowell Properties plans to make asset improvements, which include new roofs and gutters, pool repairs, new signage, exterior wood and balcony repairs, adding a business center, enlarging and upgrading the fitness center and adding picnic/barbeque areas. Unit interiors are being analyzed for upgrades to improve rental income.”

McDowell Properties 415.788.1600

W. Patrick McDowell- President of McDowell Properties.

All this information is public knowledge and can be found on their website at:

You will find the Timberglen Apartment information under the “selected Investments” Section of their website.

I wish you the best of luck with your situation and I hope that everything works out for you.

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