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How to book a flight without a credit card

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Step 1:

Apply for a debit card. This is an option only if you are in no rush to purchase the airline tickets. If you do not have a credit card but are able to open a deposit account, you might be able to obtain a debit card. Most debit cards issued by major banks can act as credit cards, but the payment is deducted from the money in the deposit account and not applied to a credit account. When purchasing airline tickets and prompted for the necessary credit card information, enter the debit card information instead; this should include, your name, account number, date of expiration and probably the security code.

Step 2:

Review alternate online payment options. Often, websites that offer airfare allow the use of other online methods of payment. The American Airlines website allows the purchase of airline tickets via electronic check; the purchaser must

provide an active account number with a U.S.-based bank, the bank routing number and also personal data that must include a U.S.-based address. Also often available is the option of payment through other means of secure online transaction such as PayPal. To do this, select the PayPal option, enter the necessary account information and confirm the purchase.

Step 3:

Purchase the tickets in person. If an online payment is not an option, the live, in-person method thankfully remains available. Airlines such as American allow in-person, cash payments at any of their airport ticket offices or travel centers and also through Western Union. Airport ticket counters of other regional airlines, such as Jetblue, also accept traveler checks, U.S. Post Office or bank-issued money orders and even personal checks. Personal identification will likely be required.


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