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How to boost my credit score?

how to boost my credit score



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Report Date: 06/15/2014

This is from creditkarma:

672 +38pt Credit Rating: Fair Updated Jul 4, 2014 Next update available on Jul 11, 2014.

Every month my credit score jumps 20+ points up or down, recently it went down so i'm trying to make it go sky high as soon as possible.

I do have some balance on my credit cards and heres a list of my current credit cards+balance:

Discover $357 balance. - Credit Line: $6,000

Chase Freedom $142 balance. - Credit Line: $2,200

Wells Fargo Secured Card $0 balance. - [New Card, Doesn't show up on my credit scores yet] Secured Credit Line: $2000

Capital One -$75 balance. - [I actually overpaid my balance and it shows -$75] Credit Line: $500

I also have an auto loan and am

making big payments of $1000 every month or two times a month to pay it down fast, the last report shows my balance is $16,000 and now it's $14,000 so would that boost my score too because im paying way over the $337 agreed monthly payments?

Please let me know what I can do to boost my scores to go more then 720+ on my credit scores.

Also I indeed can pay every credit card off if i want but recently i found out i should have balances and stay under 30% utilization while paying the cards off.

Hover over card images for CL:

Goal Credit Cards: AMEX BCP Gardening since 7/10/2014

PM me if you live near Monterey, CA I want more friends that enjoy having good credit cards like me haha.

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