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How to break a lease in arizona

how to break a lease in arizona

By submitting payment through this website, you state that you are the named cardholder of the listed credit card, and are authorizing Tenants Assistance Program to charge the credit card for the amount listed. All services must be paid for in advance. Funds are earned at time of tender or sign up for any program. All payments for services, whether performed or not, are nonrefundable. If you change your mind about terminating your rental contract, using other services or purchasing any product, funds paid will nevertheless be retained by Tenants Assistance Program. regardless of your reason and even if you decide not to proceed or use the product. Of course, Arizona Tenants Advocates and Tenants Assistance Program commit to fulfilling their respective obligations to provide services and products.

Arizona Tenants Advocates. Inc. (ATA), is a tenants union registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission as a nonprofit corporation. Our counsellors have experience since 1993, prompting numerous improvements in local ordinances and state law. ATA provides education, guidance and aggressive advocacy for residential tenants. We help prevent and alleviate problems of residential tenants, offering a free telephone hotline that includes community and

legal referrals.

Residential tenants may join the union for a $60.00 annual membership fee, which entitles them to additional benefits and services by authority of the union membership. These include custom letter writing, access to free form notices, and discounts with local service providers who cater to renters. We specialize in helping tenants lawfully “break their leases” while recovering deposits.

To join the union, please telephone the ATA office at 480-557-8905 to arrange for your completion of a membership form along with tender of payment. If you are outside Maricopa County and it is difficult for you to travel to our office, a payment can be accepted online and a membership form will be postal mailed to you.

While ATA is most widely known as Arizona Tenants Advocates, Inc.. we have informal association with Arizona Tenants Association, Inc.. and Tenants Union of Arizona, Inc.. by way of shared corporate relations.

Tenants Assistance Program is a proprietorship of Ken Volk.

• Please CONTACT ATA with any suggested site updates, additions or corrections to this website.

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