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How to break a lease in florida

how to break a lease in florida

(Florida) How do I break my lease?

I've lived here in Daytona Beach Florida in this apartment for a little over 1 year I'm a good tenet my rent check is always on time, there is nothing wrong with the management or apartment in fact the management are very professional and always been very accommodating, I even negotiated the rent with them and they reduced it.

Anyways I'm still early in my 2nd lease and I'm not able to continue living in it because of my deteriorating mental condition, I have extreme depression and I'm very close to being put on suicide watch, I'm going to go see a psychiatrist and see if he can write up a report to present to the management to get out of the lease. If that doesn't work will a lawyer

be able to get me out of this lease? Does extreme depression count as a disability? Are apartments required by law to comply with the Fair Housing Act for breaking a lease due to a disability? If not why?

I must break the lease and move to Tampa which has a more extensive mental health system as Daytona Beach is a small town and doesn't have much.

The thing is I will commit suicide if I'm not allowed to move, I desperately must get out of this city. Is there any way I can get out of this lease? Is there any legal or any other type of assistance I can get to break the lease?

Any help and advice would be appreciated. And don't bother counseling me, I'm going to go to a psychiatrist for that.

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