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How to break a lease in texas

how to break a lease in texas

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Breedings and foal designs are open on a limited basis. Please see the Group News journal for details.

Nordanner: A Crash Course

These are considered the Official Group Rules, as well as a “How To” to Nordanner.

To Own a Nordanner

Nordanner is a closed breed, this means all horses are imported, and not free to create.

There are two ways to getting a Nordanner:

1. Buy an existing horse/foal/import from either group or private sales.

2. Get breeding spots with registered mare and stallion to create a foal.

You can not design your own starter.

You can not hire or request someone to create you a starter.

You can not buy unused imports anywhere outside Nordanner group.

Becoming a member

You must own a Nordanner to become a member of this group. Until then feel free to watch us! Just got one of your own? Go here for more information on how to join.

Registering your horse

All Nordanners must be registered in order to exist whether they are bred or imported.

Each member has 30 days from the time he or she receives the horse or foal to register it, or risk reclaim or abandoned status.

To learn how to register your nordanner, click here .

The 30 days rule

You must draw and register your horse within 30 days after you receive it.

Foals must be registered 30 days after their design was accepted by group (and handed over to correct owner).

Once the 30 days has passed, a 10 day grace period starts where you may note the group about outstanding circumstances that are preventing you to register the horse or foal within the time. If no word has been given within the 40 days, the horse/foal risks reclaim from the future owner/sire or dam owner, and in the case of imports, the group will reclaim and rehome.

There is no special treatment; It doesn't matter how or where you bought the horse. If the horse was a gift, who designed it, what lineage it has, if it's a mutation or not or if you are friends with an admin or not, there will be no difference. All horses must be registered. If you purchased a horse, you should spend enough time to get it registered within 30 days.

The 1 year inactivity rule

If a horse has been inactive (not drawn) for more than 12 months, you will receive an abandonment warning from the group.

Abandoned horses

Any horse that does not qualify for reclaim from previous owner or parents, will either be listed as Deceased, or resold at a later date.

Using your Nordanner

Once your horse is registered, you basically have full control of your horse, as long as you follow the same breed rules as everyone else in terms of breeding etc. You can use your Nordanner as a horse in your stable, as a private OC in your stories, comics etc. Or you can use it in your wild herd.

It is also up to you, if you decide to not use the Nordanner for a while or take a break from dA.

But if you decide to never use the horse or leave dA for good/close your stable, then please let someone else have the Nordy or at least inform the group of the horse now being deceased, so we can keep track of them all. Or lease out the horse, if you think you might get interest in the horse again later.

You can use your Nordanner in any event, show, riding discipline etc that you see fitting. According to breed type the Nordanners are more suited for some disciplines than

others, but we are not here to limit your artistic ideas, so there is no "rule" about what you can do with your Nordanner.

Kaaring - the credit point system

There are certain rewards and statuses earned when you draw your Nordanner! Click here to get started.


Each Nordanner only has 10 breeding slots.

Through the Kaaring system, 10 additional breedings may be added if the horses reaches Excellent Blood.

It is forbidden to sell any breeding slot that cannot be used immediately. This includes:

-Excellent Blood breedings before the horse has reached that status.

-Breedings to horses not registered (either from foal design or ownership transfer)

-Breedings to nonexistant or unborn horses. (future offspring)

For all the rules and info on breeding see here .

Gelded/Sterile Nordanners

It is possible to geld or sterilize your Nordanners, however the group does not regulate such things, and there is no way for certain that the group will know if a horse was previously sterilized or gelded if sold to a new owner. Please make it clear in your terms of sale that the horse must remain sterile with its new owner in order for you to reclaim should the terms of sale be breached.  


Crossbreeding is not allowed due to the inability to regulate such foals and how they affect the parents, registrations, etc. All crossbred foals will be put down and a warning distributed to those who bred them.


Nordanner genetics are based on real horse genetics, but may not be perfect.

The structure of Mutation genes was created by Luise Ericksen, the former founder.

New mutations from April 2013 forward will be created solely by Cloudrunner64 .

Selling your Nordanner

If you sell your Nordanner, you MUST transfer the ownership to the buyer.

If you do not do so, the new owner can not register the horse.

Simply send a note to the group titled "ownership transfer".

Include ID for the horse(s) and name of new owner(s).

Once processed, the transfer will appear on the horse’s appropriate ID list, along with the new deadline for the new owner to register it.

Buying a Nordanner

When buying a horse, you have the same basic rules to follow, no matter if you bought it through the group or in private.

Group rules also overrule any private rules set by the seller, and private rules are for the member to enforce, not the group.

Once the transfer is completed among you, the buyer has 30 days to register the horse with the group.

If the buyer fails to register, the seller can claim back the horse by noting the group.

If there is no claim, the horse risks being listed as abandoned and sold.


There are no group rules about leasing horses for showing etc.

This is decided by the owner.

Claiming back a horse

See what qualifies for a reclaim here .

My horse died

Note the group. Title the note "deceased".

Include the ID of the horse that is deceased.

PLEASE NOTE: All deaths are final when noting the group. There is no undoing this. Once a horse is deceased, all names on its breeding list have 30 days to send in a breeding note before the horse can no longer be bred.

-Adding names to breeding lists after the horse is labeled deceased is forbidden, and if caught, the player will receive the appropriate warning/yellow card/red card.

Special Nordanner tack

Every Nordanner can have it's own set of Nordanner tack.

Please use these refs for help on how to design your tack:

Sheet to design tack on:

Daily tack vs. dragon hunter gear:

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