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How to break a retail lease

how to break a retail lease

I was doing a search on mold and came across this. We were renting a two room crappy apartment after moving to the dump of Reading, PA.

First we had no heat. That was an issue we fought about. Our apartment was 61 degrees most of the time. Then black mold started growing on the walls and around my son's crib. We would clean it, and it would just come back. We asked to break our lease, and they said no.

My wife took my son back to Pittsburgh to stay safe in a non-moldy house. I pretty much told them we had a lawyer and were suing. I had a mold test done, I took pictures all over the place, and I documented it. If you do this you will have a good case.

Mold is a big issue in a interior of a building. It can damage one's respiratory system, especially infants. Black mold is bad, but even other forms of mold is not good to breath in.

My apartment complex told me that we just had to put Clorox on it and clean it. When mold is an issue in a building you it is an expensive fix as they have to take down the walls, and fix what is causing the problem.

I told my apartment I had a lawyer, I had a mold test, I had photos, and I was suing for negligence. They knew that issue was there, and they let it go to rent to us by looking at us as only as sources of income for them and not human beings. They should have fixed it correctly, and spend the money to completely fix the building. Not wipe it down with clorox. After a threatening letter explaining how I could force them to spend thousands in damages by the building inspector, and take them to court they allowed us to break our lease. I hate dirty landlords and don't let them treat you like a source of income other than a human being.

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