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How to buy a tv with bad credit

how to buy a tv with bad credit

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Rent To Own

Contact a rent-to-own company, which allows people with bad credit to finance electronics by making payments to eventually own the item. Find a TV that interests you, price it and get information on monthly payment costs and other important details.

Meet with a representative to process your application and ensure you meet the qualifications. Most rent-to-own companies require you provide proof of address and sufficient income.

Keep your copy of the contract in a safe place for your records and wait for the company to deliver the TV.


Locate a store that offers layaway on expensive items such as electronics.

Find a TV that is covered under the layaway plan. Pay a down payment on the TV and set up a payment plan with the representative with the payment amounts and due dates.

Make the set payments when they

are due until you have paid off the item. Pick up the TV or set up delivery once you are finished making payments.

TV Shopping

Check out a TV shopping network by watching a home shopping TV channel or visiting its website to see which type of TVs they offer.

See if they have a payment installment plan. Some TV shopping networks offer payment installment plans that are not based on credit but are directly billed to your current debit card. You can place the item in your cart, choose the installment payments and wait for your order to be processed. The order is processed at the discretion of the company from which you are ordering.

Wait for the first charge to be billed to your card, then the item should ship. Pay off the item according to the payment schedule given to you at the time of your order.

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