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How to buy car with no credit

how to buy car with no credit


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Patreon Rewards Archive I'm currently making a living out from my patreon by sharing my PSD, video, tutorial and other resources for a bi-weekly donated

if you are interested in supporting me and helping me produce more content while getting special perks, please check my Patreon!

I'll be archiving all term rewards here to make it easier for my future patrons to look through. )

A term is pretty much half of a month or 2 weeks and each has their own unique rewards and perks to them .

If you are more interested in my tutorials, please check out my gumroad store. )


TERM 18 rewards (22-31 July)


Pose Reference Stock Resources You Need To Know There's lots of awesome models on DA and lots of great places on the web to find pose reference and stock! Here's a little list of some great places to check out for some quality pose reference stock:


is a group I founded that accepts submissions of stock photos that are useful for pose reference. To be considered, the model must be wearing form fitting clothing or nude. There are separate folders for nude stock. Watching this group will result in quality pose reference stock appearing in your inbox!

Small but useful gallery of plus size female model in form fitting clothing.


Male, nude.


Male stock with underwear on.


has a fol


Also, I just heard DA may not be in any kind of financial trouble to begin with. I made this in the assumption that deviantArt was trying to cover up for potential losses but that might not even be the case according to new information.

Lately there has been a lot of uproar on the risk of losing deviantArt entirely if you sign the petition against CORE.

A lot of misinformation has been spread and I need to assert them.

First off, you do not need to worry! Website-based businesses such as deviantArt do not work that way, they do not go bankrupt anywhere near as easily as other forms of business. Also, we do not aim for this. The only reason why we wish for the Core boycott is to make Deviantart listen to us. It has failed to do that for years, and we have finally had enough.

Second, we need to clear up a few

things. We do not want to remove what CO

Celebrating Deviousness - August 2015

In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community.

Introducing DamaiMikaz


“My name is Damaris, but most people know me as DamaiMikaz. I’m a self-taught artist from the Netherlands and I’ve been making art ever since I can remember. When I first came to DeviantArt I was pretty much dragged here by my friends, that all worked on original projects. Up until that time, I was primarily a writer and traditional artist. It was DeviantArt that sparked my interest for digital art, and it didn’t just spark my interest, but the community’s willingness to help out people really gave me a good start.

It’s remarkable how easy it is to connect to people on this website over things as simple as original projects and learning how to do art. Following other artists was what helped me to spa

Pandora's Lesson Zero


Now in 3-D, for all your nightmare inducing needs!

Lovingly rendered by artist :iconNorbert-N-S. or Meowraa on tumblr. Original source here:

tuesday. we end this.

TIMBER: My Senior Thesis Watch it here!

or on the Timber Tumblr-Blog

I would post on here, but it's proving tricky, I dunno.

Fairly OddParents and New Character Syndrome So, I've decided to start a journal series where I go further in depth with one particular topic brought up in any given review of mine. It's not so much to talk about said episode, but said topic that that review introduces. Both admirables and atrocities and even MLP reviews may have a bigger topic to talk about, but I can't say that EVERY single review will have an expanded topic. Sometimes it'll be serious topics, like One Coarse Meal's tangential topic of when jokes go too far. Sometimes it won't be as serious, like following Return of Slade's logic is how the dark age of animation began, and even back then people did those things out of necessity and not inherent laziness. Sometimes, yeah, what I talk about will be tangentially related, like Doggy Poo's when is an idea dead on arrival?

Sometimes these will cover multiple topics. Today, we're talking about Fairly OddPet, Fairly Oddbaby, whatever the hell their anti-version's introduc

kawaii text faces ´ ▽ ` )ノ


(・∀・ )

( ̄(エ) ̄)

( ̄へ ̄)

(  ゚,_ゝ゚)





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