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Skype: As a nice little surprise, and to celebrate the new Skype 2.5, we’re giving you one hour of free calls to ordinary phones from Skype. We call that SkypeOut. Normally you need to buy Skype Credit to make SkypeOut calls, but we’d like to say thanks and give this little present to everyone who uses Skype a lot, including you. So, thanks.There’s no catch, and almost no effort required — all you need to do is make at least one call to an ordinary phone from Skype before June 30, 2006, and the free hour of calling is yours.

Thanks Skype. some free credit - awesome.

Have been playing with call forwarding and doing some testing. My Skype now auto forwards calls i dont answer after 4 rings, to both my cellphone and my home phone, but heres

the kicker - they both ring at the same time.


If I am at the PC, I can answer an incoming Skype call free. If im at home but not near the PC, can answer on my home phone for the SkypeOut Global Rate (a few cents per minute), and if I am out, I can answer on my cellphone if i choose (at a hefty 49c or so a minute). I dont have voicemail on my cellphone, so I wont get hit up for unanswered Skype calls going through to message service.

Very convenient, and automatic, I dont have to change my status, or set up new call forwarding all the time depending where I am.

Once again though - I WANT A NZ SKYPEIN NUMBER. (Yes - all caps is shouting. -P )

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