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What is Skype Credit and how can I buy it?

Skype Credit is a great way to pay for various Skype products and to enable Skype features that aren’t free.

You can use it to make great value calls to mobiles and landlines across the world, send low cost SMS text messages and to forward calls. You can also use Skype Credit to buy a subscription or a Skype Number. and to connect to over 2,000,000 WiFi hotspots worldwide using Skype WiFi .

Buying Skype Credit is easy and you can pay for it with a credit card, PayPal and lots of other ways .

To buy Skype Credit:

  1. Sign in to your account and click Buy Credit .
If you bought Skype Credit before, click Add Skype Credit under your profile picture.
  • Select the amount you’d like to buy.

    Click Continue .

    Select your billing country and payment method from the drop-down lists. Depending on the method you chose, enter the details in the available text boxes.

    If you paid for Skype products before, all your payment methods you used are saved. You’ll be directed to your stored payment methods, where you can select one

    of them, or use a new one.

    If it’s your first time purchasing a Skype product, enter your billing details and agree to the Skype Terms of Use .

    After you’ve entered your payment details, click Pay now. then follow the instructions to complete the payment.

    If you’ve selected, for example, PayPal or Skrill as your payment method, you’ll need to click Continue to complete your purchase on their website.

    Your Skype Credit will show as a delivered order in your account, and you’ll see the amount displayed in Skype. You can now call mobiles and landlines, and the price of the call will be deducted from your balance.

    Need help with making a call from Skype? Check out this handy guide .

    To use your Skype Credit to buy other Skype products (like a Skype Number or a subscription), just start the purchase process as you would normally do, and follow the instructions. When you need to choose a payment method, select Skype Credit


    Complete the purchase and the total will be taken from your Skype Credit balance.

    Unfortunately, you can’t use your Skype Credit to purchase Skype Numbers in certain countries .

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