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How to Buy Items Without an eBay or PayPal Account?

how to buy from ebay without credit card

Guest Checkout is the faster way of buying items on eBay without the need of registering for an account. eBay introduced it mainly for new potential customers who want experience eBay. It is also recommended for buyers who preferred buying fixed-price items than bidding on auction ads.

Is it safe? Yes. Purchases made through Guest Checkout are covered by PayPal’s Buyer Protection. If you used a credit card, you have the option to file chargeback in case you’ve got problems with your order. In my opinion, it is not most likely to happen because you can only checkout as guest or buy items from top-rated sellers .

To use Guest Checkout on eBay, there are conditions that must be met.

– The item price should not exceed $2000.00

– Only one item can be purchased at a time. Multi—buying is disabled.

– You can only buy from a Fixed Price (Buy-It-Now) ad. Auction-style listings are not covered.

– The seller should have a feedback score of 50 or higher and a positive rating of 98% or more.

Now, how exactly do you go about buying an item without an account?

1. From the seller’s ad, click Buy it Now button.

3. Enter your shipping information. Don’t forget the e-mail address so you won’t miss any updates about your order.

If you want to add a note in your order, click Add message link beside seller’s name.

4. Click Continue.

5. Proceed with payment (PayPal). You have three options: a. Pay using your registered PayPal


b. Apply for Bill Me Later

c. Pay using your credit, debit or gift card – You can immediately process your payment using your card without the need for a PayPal account.

Things You Should Know:

-In case PayPal is asking you to register an account first, it doesn’t mean that the guest checkout is no longer offered. It might be that the seller blocked buyers with no PayPal account. If that’s the case, you can’t do anything about it. It’s the seller’s decision. Just find another seller offering the same item and doesn’t block buyers with no registered PayPal account.

-In case PayPal is asking you to log-in, it might be that the system identified your card is already linked to a PayPal account.

-You may also send your payment through ProPay if the seller accepts it.

– If ProPay is accepted, sign-up is not required. You can immediately process your payment using either your card or bank account.

-Don’t attempt to use a card linked to a banned eBay or PayPal account. The transaction will be cancelled by system.

6. Confirm payment.

7. Success! You have now completed the checkout process. Now, wait for the item to be delivered at your doorstep.

Check your e-mail from time to time for order updates.

Bear in mind that you can only make a total of 15 purchases (Guest Checkout). After that, you need to register. That’s the limit for US buyers only. In other eBay sites like UK, the limit is 100.

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