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For more info on the end of the reseller program, see here.

May 6, 2015 -- Out of stock.

The End of

I guess this is goodbye. On April 8th IMVU announced that on May 15th they would end the reseller program. Unfortunately, that means and all other resellers will no longer be able to support Creators, or sell discount credits to anyone. I am extremely sad that is permanently closed.

To my customers, Creators, friends, and fans. THANK YOU!

EvilCredits has racked up some interesting statistics in the last 7 years:
  • 9,943,000,000 Credits sold
  • 490,573 sales to 90,398 customers
  • $5 MILLION dollars paid to Creators in 15,000 sells
  • 2015 average balance was 50-100 million credits, personal record being 263 million.
  • 2015 average daily sales was 10.8 million to 535 customers.
  • $27,296 was lost to fraudulent buyers
  • EvilCredits paid IMVU 514,000,000 Credits in fees (3% until May 2012, then 6% after, of each sale)
  • 7,000 badges sent out
  • 14,500 stickers sent out
  • 1,066 ATM machine products sent out

I first started selling credits almost by lucky accident. My wife got into IMVU and was interested in creating. After seeing her enjoy it I decided to start creating and go though each of the steps on the old creator page. It said something like, section 1: make a sticker, section 2: re-texture a shirt, and so on to harder things like meshes, actions,

heads, and the final section listed reselling credits! At the time I was learning webdesign so I dove right in and made a test reseller website. It functioned, but apparently there were a hundred reseller sites, and many were scams and many were not professional. After some encouragement from my friends, and after seeing my friends become victims of some fraud sites, I set out to officially become a reseller. So I built a solid website while on a webdesign learning adventure, and after a few hundred hours of coding and few thousand invested dollars I had my own business. My mother called me the family "evil genius" when I was a child, so my creator avatar became EvilGenius and the next logical name for my reseller avatar was EvilCredits. In 2008 IMVU blocked all small or unprofessional resellers, including mine since I just started. After several hours on the phone with IMVU, I was able to convince them to let me run my business. The start was very slow but over the years I have become one of the main resellers, doing business better than I ever thought possible. The best part of the whole adventure was knowing I was supporting Creators, helping them get income, and supplying a safe place to buy and sell credits.

This is the end of selling IMVU Credits. However, in losing EvilCredits I found I still have the urge to take part in the IMVU community and provide some kind of service. There's 2 projects I'm working on, and I hope to show them in the next few months.

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