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How to buy on ebay without credit card

how to buy on ebay without credit card


To buy on ebay you should not need a credit card, as long as the seller accepts money orders as payment. If they only accept Paypal, then be prepared to provide a credit card or your personal banking information.

You can use cash to purchase a prepaid credit card at Walmart or CVS or Walgreens, etc. (Also, if you have a H&R Block Credit Card from taxes, you can re-load it using a GreenDot card) Only load the amount you want on it, and if anyone gets that information, they can only get the amount that is loaded onto the card.

Or you can load a virtual card online at Of course you will need a debit, credit card or bank account info in order to load the card online. Click on Simon Giftcards and sign up for a gift account (the virtual card). The virtual card is never sent to your home address. HINT-I do believe the name and address on the account has to match the address you put into ebay. I'm not sure if ebay can check this or not on prepaid or virtual cards. I used one of these accounts to open an Ebay seller account with no problem. It's a bit more anonmyous if you're worried about someone getting your information.

I do believe that eBay requires sellers to have either a Paypal account or a separate approved Credit Card Processing account. (some of these are not approved by Ebay, nor is it easy to figure out how to set them up with Ebay).

You can use this credit card to set up Paypal as well. Once again, I believe the name and address on the credit card account will need to match what you enter into Paypal.

If you do choose to use Paypal as a way of recieving money, be prepared to provide further proof of identity, including bank information and social security number. You will also have to sign their user agreement, and if you're not familiar with Paypal and issues with them, you should probably do a search. ( etc)

If you do not wish to use Paypal to recieve money, you can try specifying that you will only accept Money Order, Check or cash at pick up for your listing. I think. think. you can get away with that. But it seems most people on eBay are stuck on using Paypal.

There are credit card processors out there, but they can get expensive. Just do a search for "credit card processing ebay" to find them.

In my opinion Ebay and Paypal have become monsters. My ex had an account with them and it was horrible. I have an account with them, but never use it because I know how badly he got screwed by both companies. I'd rather find it elsewhere for a little more or sell my stuff on Craigslist. The alternatives are worth it to me!

Good luck to you, I hope I covered all of your possible isses with moving forward and your options.

Source(s): 3 years experience with Ex-hubby's eBay and Paypal account!

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