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How to buy things online without a credit card!

how to buy things online without a credit card

Kitt3h said: 23-01-2014 12:59 PM

How to buy things online without a credit card!

Hi guys!

I needed an app in the Google Play Store, however, unlike most apps I download, it cost money. And unlike Windows Phone's Store, Carrier Billing isn't an option in SA. So I posted here in MyBroadband, and the awesome people gave me multiple helpful answers. So here are three easy ways to buy something online, without the need for a credit card from your bank! These are sorted according to my preference, and what I deem most useful and safest.

1. EasyPay Wallet, via the VCPay app. This app is available for iOS, Android and Blackberry. You create an online wallet, EFT money into it, or top it up at a supermarket or kiosk, and use the VCPay app to create a virtual credit card from which you can access your funds. This works even when your phone is offline, and is the safest, because the CC numbers change everytime you use it. Thus, it's completely clone proof.

2. Prepaid credit cards. These can

be bought from Dischem and other stores. You buy the card (they're cheap, about R5), and put money onto it. Then it can be used as a normal credit/debit card. You use it until the funds are spent, and then you throw it away I presume. These are also pretty safe, because it's not connected to your bank account, it can only be used until the funds are spent.

3. An embossed debit card. If you have a debit card, like I do, from your bank, and it's embossed, and has the MasterCard logo, it can be used as a credit card. However, your bank might phone you to confirm the purchase.

In all these, you basically have a debit card, but VCPay offers a credit option too. Now you know!

I'd advise you to use these methods when buying from stores like Google Play, because once your credit card is linked, it's linked, and it's very easy to accidentally press "Buy". (I have read some horror stories). These methods will minimize the danger a bit.

Here's to hoping I get that PS4.

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