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How to calculate car lease

how to calculate car lease

The easy way to keep track of your lease car mileage allowance.

The problem

Few people actually know exactly how many miles they do when they sign a lease car contract, let alone how many they are going to do. As they tend to get offered fairly low mileage contracts, thats what they take, and they don't realize they are going over until it's too late. You couldn't manage your finances if you only got a bank statement every three years, so how are you going to manage your mileage unless you get a statement every month.

The solution

The solution is to manage your mileage to ensure that you don't go over - or if you have already gone over, to bring things back into line. To manage anything you need

to keep a firm handle on what it going on. follow these two simple steps:

Gather together the details of your lease car and your car lease.

Fill out the very short form on our sign-up page. It only takes one minute!

Then the Mileage Manager will send you an SMS message every month to tell you how much mileage you should have done. This means you can stay on top of your mileage throughout the the period of your lease.

This website will give you useful advice about what to do if you start straying over your mileage allowance, and the Mileage Manager will even send you reminders about servicing and lease return dates. All for Just £19.95 one-off fee.

It only takes a moment!

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