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High School GPA Calculator

High School GPA Calculator – Instructions

Find your GPA within minutes with these quick steps:

  1. Add Your Letter Grade
  2. Add Your Class Credits
  3. Calculate your GPA

Step 1 – Add Your Letter Grade

You can select your current letter grade or estimate the future grades to figure out your GPA. Request your teacher to provide your grade before the final report card. You can estimate the grades in case your teacher can’t confirm the grades. Grades can range from A+ to an F on the 4.0 Scale. Now you’re ready for your final entry, class credits.

The class credit value determines how much a course counts toward your GPA. If you have taken any approved honors or college courses, in the 10th, 11th, or 12th grades, then select “honors” or “college” from the weight options. Your GPA will be calculated for all the subjects and grades you enter. Choose the type of class for each grade entered.

Step 2 – Add Your Class Credits

Step 3 – Calculate Your GPA

You can add more class by clicking “Add another class” button. Regular

classes will be given points according to the standard scale (A = 4, B = 3, C = 2). For honors classes, grades will be increased by half a point. Grades for college-credit classes will be increased by a whole point. GPA will be updated and adjusted as you enter class and subject weight, and shown as “Overall GPA”.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do P/NP (Pass/No Pass) courses are factored in? A: No, P/NP (Pass /No Pass) courses are not factored in the student’s GPA

Q: Do I (Incompletes) and W (Withdrawals) receive grade points? A: No. I (Incompletes) and W (Withdrawals) do not receive grade points and do not have an effect on the GPA

Q: How do I calculate AP or Honors courses? A: When taking AP (advanced placement) or honors courses, grade points are generally weighted. For example, a half point (.50) is added for honors courses, and a whole point (1.0) is added for AP courses (A then equals 4.50 for an Honors class, or 5.00 for an Advanced Placement class). Contact your college for more information on their grading system as schools may differ when assigning point value.

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