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How to Deposit HSA Payroll Deductions

A health savings account allows employees to defer part of their income into a savings account that can be used for future medical expenses. To be eligible, an employee must… Read More

Top Jobs With the Best Retirement Benefits

Whether you're on the verge of entering the workforce or contemplating a career change, you probably want to know which jobs and industries offer robust retirement benefits to their employees.… Read More

Conducting an Internal Payroll Audit

A company employee, or an independent auditor whom you retain to evaluate your company’s operations from time to time, conducts internal audits. The goal is to make sure your company… Read More

The Advantages of Team-Based Incentive Pay Plans

When your managers, support personnel and sales team work together to create sales and increase customer satisfaction, it may behoove you to consider team-based incentive plans. Unlike solo sales representative… Read More

Why Do Companies Give Severance Packages?

Losing a job can put you in a financial rut, and most companies know it will take time to replace your lost income. That's why some offer severance benefits that… Read More

How Does Direct Deposit Save Money for a Small Business?

The issue of whether you can make direct deposit mandatory for your employees boils down to state law. If you can require it, there might be stipulations such as allowing… Read More

What Types of Rewards Would Motivate Workers in an Organization?

The success of an organization depends on more than its business model and the products it sells. The people that make up an organization affect many aspects of operation from… Read More

Ask an average American worker what she's looking forward to that day and chances are break time will come up. Most businesses give employees two or more short breaks a… Read More

The Salary of a Revenue Integrity Analyst

Revenue integrity analysts examine the finances of the company or organization for which they work. Their median annual salary was $65,320 in 2008, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.… Read More

What Are the Average Salaries for an Independent Carpet Cleaner?

Independent carpet cleaners run their own businesses. They often act as sole proprietors, vacuuming and shampooing carpets for residential and business customers. They also sell their services through newspaper ads,… Read More

Children and adults love going to the circus to see the high-wire acts and animals jump through hoops. The circus has been entertaining crowds at least since the sixth century… Read More

Salary of an Accenture Contract Manager

An Accenture contract manager performs many of the same functions as any other administrative service manager across the country. The difference is that a contract manager working with Accenture has… Read More

Advantages & Disadvantages of Competitive Pay Policies

Human resource professionals and management survey the pay rates of competing businesses to determine the competitive rate for employees in the industry. Businesses must strike a balance between paying a… Read More

How Much Money Do Flat-Rate Auto Technicians Make?

There are nearly 175,000 auto repair shops in the United States, and the repair industry employs as many as 670,000 workers. Auto mechanical technicians work at manufacturer service stations, merchandise… Read More

How Much Do Spa Attendants Make?

Spa attendants clean and maintain various areas within the spa. They ensure treatment rooms are properly sanitized and have enough towels, linens and other materials. Attendants also maintain spa inventory… Read More

Before graduating with a bachelor's or master's degree, students can gain practical experience in their field of study by working as an intern. Many companies that look for interns in… Read More

Salary of a Ringmaster

At the circus, a charismatic gentleman steps into the ring under the spotlight. Wearing a top hat and festive suit, he welcomes guests to the show and introduces each circus… Read More

Accounting & Employee Expense Reimbursement Payroll or AP

Employee expense reimbursement is the process by which employees are compensated for money spent in service to a business. Employees are most frequently reimbursed for mileage and travel expenses but… Read More

How Much Money Do Weathermen Make?

"Weathermen" are formally known as meteorologists. Meteorologists forecast the weather by studying Earth’s atmosphere, air pressure, temperature and other variables to make accurate weather predictions. Meteorologists are also called atmospheric… Read More

How Much Money Do Dispatchers Get Paid?

Most dispatchers work for emergency services and law enforcement agencies. Some dispatchers work for fleet and shipping companies that operate distribution networks. Emergency dispatchers are in charge of taking incoming… Read More

Salary of a Goalkeeper

Professional goalkeepers can command significant salaries. Major League Soccer goalkeeper salaries can vary tremendously between each team within the league. Premiership soccer goalkeepers earn significantly more than their American counterparts… Read More

The Average Salary of an Equine Massage Therapist

Although massage therapy is usually associated with day spas and medical facilities, human massage techniques are also used on ranches and race tracks, and in equestrian sports associations. In the… Read More

What Does PTO Mean in HR Terms?

Very simply put, the acronym "PTO" means "Paid time off." Learn what PTO means in human resources terms with help from a business consultant in this free video clip. Read More

The Salary of a Bioremediation Technician

The process of bioremediation cleans up environments that have been contaminated by toxins. The contamination of natural environments by artificial pollutants can be a serious problem — bioremediation is a… Read More

How Much Does a Successful Lawyer Get Paid?

Law firms, companies and individuals in need of legal counsel will pay top dollar for representation from the most successful lawyers. A successful lawyer has a record of strong academic… Read More

Differences in CFRA Vs. FMLA

The California Family Rights Act is almost a mirror image of the Family and Medical Leave Act. Both acts entitle California workers to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid… Read More

The Advantages of Having Flexible Benefits Programs

Flexible benefits programs, or cafeteria plans, can cut a company's benefits expenses and lower an employee's tax bill. Called Section 125 Plans for the section of the Tax Code that… Read More

How Much Do Loss Prevention Managers Make?

Loss prevention managers typically work in retail stores, restaurants and hotels. They supervise loss prevention agents, who monitor and attempt to prevent shoplifting activity. Loss prevention managers and agents will… Read More

The Average Salary of Neuroscience Researcher

Neuroscience is the study of how energy interacts with cells and living creatures. Researchers in the field conduct experiments that predict human behavior, reactions in the brain, and determine how… Read More

How Much Does a Brewmaster Make in a Year?

A career as a brewmaster may seem like the ideal job -- crafting new and eccentric brews, tasting samples daily, all the while collecting a paycheck. The annual salaries of… Read More

Air Force Computer Engineer Salary

The Air Force classifies computer engineers as officers and requires them to complete a 12-week officer training program. Officers hired as computer engineers must have at least a bachelor's degree.… Read More

The Salary of a Tree Removal Business Owner

A tree removal business can be a dangerous endeavor. Trees are unpredictable, and the wrong cut can result in a limb falling in the wrong spot, injuring people or damaging… Read More

The Average Salary of a Wakeboarder

Wakeboarding is a water sport in which competitors perform various tricks and aerial maneuvers on a board while being pulled by a boat. As in other sports, there are various… Read More

The Average Salary of a Partner in a Private Equity Firm

Private equity partners are some of the highest-paid employees in the financial world. Their ability to manage operations, form deals and generate high profits commands high levels of compensation compared… Read More

Job Benefits for Newspaper Journalists

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, competition for journalists on national and metropolitan newspapers is high. The median earnings for newspaper journalists in 2008 were $33,430. In addition to… Read More

How Much Do Models for Big Designers Get Paid?

Top fashion designers employ many different types of models, but most people only think of the models they see in fashion magazines and on the runways of the major international… Read More

How Much Money Does a Sheriff Make?

Like many other professions within the field of criminal justice, the outlook for sheriffs is promising. There were 661,500 sheriffs employed in the United States in 2008, and that number… Read More

Salary for a Dolphin Veterinarian

Dolphins are marine mammals, with an intelligence, playful behavior and social structure that make them popular in marine theme parks, aquariums and research institutes. As with any captive animals, these… Read More

The Pay Scale of a Veterans Service Officer

The federal government provides assistance and funds programs for veterans to receive education, home loans and medical treatment for combat-related injuries. The web of services requires the vet to make… Read More

How Much Do Broadway Dancers Get Paid?

There are at least three different types of dancers that can roughly be called Broadway dancers: those who dance in major Broadway shows, those who dance in shows off-Broadway, and… Read More

What Is the Difference Between Unburdened & Burdened Labor Rates?

Burdened labor rates refer to the full wages plus overhead costs and any other fees you pay directly to an employee who works for your business. The rate takes into… Read More

How Much Money Do Professional Dancers Get Paid?

More than 11,000 professional dancers worked in the U.S. in 2009, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These performing artists work for theater, ballet and dance companies. Some dance… Read More

How to Get Severance Pay From a Company That's Closing Its Doors

In most circumstances, your employer does not have to provide you with a severance package if you lose your job. Furthermore, work-at-will laws in most states enable your employer to… Read More

How Much Money Can a Motorcycle Engineer Make?

Motorcycles define speed and “cool,” with their aerodynamic designs and exposed passengers. Their good looks must combine consumer desires for up-to-date styling, safe travel, mechanical prowess, efficient function and dependable… Read More

Help With Wording for My Self-Appraisal

There is a common misconception that self-appraisals exist to cause employees to quake with fear. In truth, an employee self-appraisal is a win-win tool for you if you embrace it.… Read More

How to Become a Salary Cap Manager

Many major sports leagues have salary caps, which are limits on the amount of money each team can spend on player payrolls per year. This number can include such things… Read More

What Does an Equine Breeding Manager Usually Receive as a Salary?

Equine breeding managers oversee all aspects of the horse breeding process from insemination to birth. In addition to extensive knowledge of equine breeding techniques and equipment, breeding mangers are also… Read More

How Much Money Does a Hip-Hop Producer Make?

A hit recording has many components including the writer, rap artist, musicians and, perhaps the most important of all, the producer who puts it all together. That is why the… Read More

Emirate Airline Engineer Salary

Emirates Airlines is an international airline company based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The airline attracts employees from all over the world, including flight crews and engineers, for… Read More

Can You Collect Unemployment & Retirement at the Same Time in California?

Retired workers across the country are disproportionately affected when the economy sours, because -- unlike active employees -- retirees are on a fixed income with

limited potential for increase. This… Read More

How Much Money Does a Pro Snowboarder Make?

Professional athletes have several ways to make money -- including competition winnings, sponsorships from sports equipment manufacturers, commercial endorsements for non-sports products, event appearances, coaching and instruction. Snowboarders generally start… Read More

Golf Club Repair Technician Annual Salary

Golf is considered neither violent nor strenuous, and modern golf clubs are made of durable, long-lasting materials. However handles can still dent, grips can come loose, and club heads can… Read More

The Salary of a Catholic School Superintendent

A Catholic school superintendent is an administrator responsible for managing and overseeing all school operations and departments. Generally, a superintendent is responsible for multiple schools. In most cases, the archdiocese… Read More

Advantages & Disadvantages of an Actuary

Actuaries use data to analyze and assess risk, determine the probability of events and help business organizations create policies to minimize the financial repercussions of the risk or event. A… Read More

The Salary for a Deputy Inspector in the New York Police Department

As you climb the ranks of the New York Police Department, your salary and benefits also rise. The position of deputy inspector is a high-ranking executive position held by a… Read More

Salary of an Ivy League Athletic Director

Every college and university with a sports program has an athletic director, including the eight Ivy League schools. Many decisions must go through the director, such as hiring coaches, recruiting… Read More

The Average Salary of a Warranty Administrator

Drivers want vehicles that are dependable and maintenance-free, so warranties guaranteeing parts and labor for a certain period become major considerations for their purchases. To ensure that their customers receive… Read More

What Is Separation Pay?

Separation pay is defined as money or benefits that are paid to an employee who is laid off or separated due to conditions that she cannot control. Downturns in the… Read More

To be a director of player development in the NBA takes a wide variety of skills. With only thirty positions available in the league, securing such a position is a… Read More

How to Calculate Gratuity on Gross Salary Vs. Basic

Gratuity is money paid to an employee or his family after his service at your company has come to an end. Gratuity payments are not a standard method of compensation… Read More

Can a Nonprofit Staff Work on a Commission?

There's no law specifically prohibiting staff members of a nonprofit organization from working on commission -- that is, getting paid a percentage of the revenue they bring in rather than… Read More

Salary of a Parachute Rigger

For people who enjoy working at great heights or jumping out of airplanes, parachute rigger jobs might be an ideal career. Parachute riggers are often hired by the U.S. armed… Read More

People working as human resources managers take direction from company or agency administration in organizing and directing programs and activities for the staff at one office or operating as a… Read More

Job Salary for an Accountant Without a CPA

Individuals who enjoy working with numbers often consider pursuing a career in accounting. These individuals earn a college degree and major in accounting. After graduating, these individuals use their education… Read More

How Much Does It Cost to Visit a Naturopathic Doctor?

Insurance coverage for naturopathic doctors can be difficult. Naturopathic doctors are controversial in many states with most insurance companies refusing to provide coverage. Insurance companies that do accept naturopathic doctors… Read More

How to Ask for a Salary-Equity Increase

If you have been working for your employer for several years and are given additional responsibilities without additional pay, you can ask for a salary-equity increase. A salary-equity increase may… Read More

Pageant directors supervise and coordinate the organizational, financial and ceremonial aspects of beauty pageants. Also commonly referred to as artistic directors or artistic associates, pageant directors audition performers, prepare scripts,… Read More

Salary of a Building Automation Systems Technician

A building automation systems technician may specialize in home security, heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration. Depending on the nature of the automation and systems of specialty, the required training and work… Read More

Can an Officer of an S Corporation Collect Unemployment?

An S corporation is a type of corporation with pass-through tax laws allowing the owners to claim the corporation's profits as income. Officers of the corporation receiving paychecks for services… Read More

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the International Union of Electronic, Electrical, Salaried, Machine, and Furniture Workers (IUE) have local branches all over the world. The locals, as… Read More

How Does Residual Commission Work?

Insurance agents, investment representatives, writers and people involved in various types of sales jobs often receive some or all of their compensation in the form of residual commissions. Commissions are… Read More

Rules on Employee Meal Reimbursements

With most expenses, the rules are simple. You pay the bill and deduct the expense when you file your tax return. However, when it comes to reimbursing your employees for… Read More

How Do Private Equity Placement Agents Get Paid?

Private equity (PE) placement agents are highly connected and well-compensated. These professional money raisers are brought in by companies and investment funds to fill in financial shortfalls. Many private placement… Read More

Salaries for Biotechnology Patent Lawyers

Biotechnology patent lawyers can make considerable salaries. These law specialists protect and defend the intellectual property of biotech companies. Biotech lawyers undergo years of training and many come from technical… Read More

Can I Sue My Ex-Husband for Not Paying Bills?

A divorce traumatizes husband and wife, their immediate and extended families, and their friends. It also demands the separation of property and financial assets acquired during the marriage. Debts are… Read More

What Does the Average Motocross Racer Get Paid?

Motocross racers ride in one of two classes in the American Motocross Association. The classes are set by the size of motorcycle the rider uses in the race. The first… Read More

The Average Salary of a Professional Drag Racer

As is the case with in many professional sports, there is really no such thing as “average” in the realm of drag racing salaries. The career itself is anything but… Read More

Can You Draw Unemployment if You Were Fired for Missing Work Due to Illness?

Many unemployed workers do not qualify for unemployment benefits, according to Barbara Hagenbaugh of USA Today. Although any termination often disqualifies you from collecting unemployment, this is not always true… Read More

What Is the Pay Difference Between a Teacher With a Bachelor's Degree or Masters?

Each school or its governing body is responsible for setting the pay schedules for teachers. As such, the pay difference between a teacher with a bachelor’s degree or a master’s… Read More

How Much Salary Does a Major League Baseball Scout Make?

The salary of a major league baseball scout depends on many factors, including experience, area of responsibility, level of competition being scouted, travel requirements and the team or scouting bureau… Read More

What Is the Average Hourly Rate for a Business System Analyst?

Business systems analysts help companies design and evaluate their computer and other information systems technologies. Analysts help organizations innovate, support their operations and save money by eliminating inefficiencies. As skilled… Read More

Salary of Professional Track & Field Long Jumpers

It takes great speed, strength, agility and technique to succeed as a competitive track and field long jumper. You may spend many hours training, traveling and practicing, but statistics show… Read More

The Pay Scale for Pilot Adjusters

Pilot catastrophe property adjusters work as independent claims adjusters or with companies that offer their services to policyholders and clients with catastrophe response. Most adjusters are expected to provide their… Read More

Salaries of Movie Studio Executives

Movie studio executives work at the very top tier of the film industry; in fact, 2008 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that only 3.4 percent of everyone… Read More

Long-Distance Truck Driver Salaries

Truck drivers made up almost 3.2 million of the employed population in 2010, making the job one of the most popular in America, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.… Read More

Salaries for a B.S. Degree in Welding Engineering Technology

According to the Weld-Ed website, welding engineers develop the welding process and manage welders as they perform their duties of permanently joining metal parts via heat to metal and fuse… Read More

The Rate of Pay for an Inventory Taker

Inventory takers are responsible for making physical counts of a company's goods so that the accounting department can reconcile the physical inventory to the book inventory. Maintaining an accurate book… Read More

Sales jobs often have a compensation package that includes a base salary with sales commission added on top. The commission structure pays salespeople based on a percentage of the sales… Read More

It's quite the challenge for an employer to create an employee benefits package that appeals to the company's entire workforce. Employee demographics can determine what benefits appeal to certain groups… Read More

Salary of a General Manager for a Broadway Production

A general manager of a Broadway production oversees and directs operations to ensure success of a show. These professionals handle the business aspects of the production, including overseeing daily operations,… Read More

Can a Company Fire You if You Leave Work During a State of Emergency?

Snowstorms, hurricanes and other emergencies are a fact of life in many regions, as are long commutes. States of emergency can create havoc for businesses. Certain categories of workers are… Read More

What is the Average Salary of an Animal Assisted Therapist?

Animal assisted therapists provide rehabilitative therapy for the elderly and persons with chronic illnesses. They use animals as part of the emotional and physical therapeutic process. Animal assisted therapists need… Read More

Salary of a Dockmaster

Dockmasters chiefly work as transportation supervisors and marina ambassadors, directing water traffic and performing administrative duties such as bookkeeping and coordinating correspondence between the marina and the public. Though location… Read More

Can an Employer Deny an Employee a Lunch Break?

Lunch breaks allow employees the opportunity to eat and take a rest from the stress of work. As there are no federal laws that mandate a meal break for employees,… Read More

The Average Salary of a Treasurer of a Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit organizations frequently refer to paid treasurers as Chief Financial Officers or CFOs. Some nonprofit organizations use the title of treasurer interchangeably with the CFO title. Nonprofit or charitable organizations… Read More

Syndicated Radio Host Salary

Radio shows can be syndicated in various ways, both regionally and nationally, and radio show hosts receive a wide range of salaries for their work. New media allows radio hosts… Read More

The Average Salary of a Master of Computational Finance

In the finance field, a Master of Science in computational or quantitative finance is a relatively common choice. This degree is necessary for careers that require an advanced financial education… Read More

What Is a Certified Legal Video Specialist's Salary?

A certified legal video specialist is a court reporter trained to use video equipment in the courtroom and other legal environments. CLVS professionals concentrate on video deposition techniques and other… Read More

The Pay Scale for Dancers on Broadway

Dancing in a show on Broadway may sound like a dream job, but these dancers work long, exhausting hours and are typically paid based on how many shows per week… Read More

Bonuses are incentives that companies provide to their employees above stated salaries. They are a common form of incentive for managerial jobs and other higher-level positions, but are not necessarily… Read More

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