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How to calculate your Mortgage Payment – A two part series (Part 1)

how to calculate mortgage by hand

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Quite often we are asked to calculate payments or we are asked why the payment is different from the one I calculated online? Or have you ever wondered why the cost of borrowing rate is higher than the rate you thought you were locked-in at. Well normally there is a simple answer. In Canada, interest charged on mortgages is determined using a semi-annual interest calculation. Click here for an Excel based Canadian mortgage calculator, or to learn how to do these calculations by hand see below. I will write a two part article this week on how to calculate your mortgage payment by hand. Here is how to calculate the effective interest rate:-

The first thing to realize is that there are three types of interest calculations:- simple interest, compound interest and effective interest.

Simple Interest – The cost of borrowing money, calculated by applying the interest rate to the original principal amount only. In contrast to compound interest,

interest is not charged on interest.

(Simple Interest = P x i x n)

Compound Interest – Interest charged not only on the principal sum but also on interest amounts charged, but not paid, in preceding periods that accumulate as new principal.

Effective Interest – The actual rate that the borrower must pay on a loan after the effects of compounding are considered. It is also known as the true rate. It differs from the nominal interest rate.

(Efffective Interst = (1+(i/m) m - 1 )

Mortgage interest is always compounded semi-annually in Canada. In the US this is not the case, mortgage interest is compounded annually.

To Calculate Mortgage Payments and Interest Rates you will need the following information:

1. Nominal or Annual Interest Rate (I)

2. Compounding Periods per Year

3. Effective Annual Rate

Add interest from the first period to the second period

Total Interest = $5,250+$5,433.75

Total Interest = $10,683.75

5. Calculate the Effective Interest Rate

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