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How To Cancel Credit With Capital One

how to cancel credit one card

If you have a Capital One credit card, and would like to learn how to cancel credit with Capital One, follow the steps listed below. Whether you have a high balance or a zero balance, you can still use the advice listed here. If there is a balance on your account, however, you will need to either transfer it to another account or pay it off before you can learn how to cancel credit with Capital One.

How to cancel credit with Capital One:

  1. How to cancel credit with Capital One online. If you have an online account with Capital One, this is probably the easiest way to cancel your credit. Log in to your Capital One account and look for an area marked "customer service". This area should give you access to cancel your Capital One credit card. Remember that you will need to have a ZERO balance reflected on your account in order to close it. If you cannot find a 'cancel card' option under the customer service tab, simply look for an area marked 'contact us' and send an email message requesting the card to be cancelled.
  2. How to cancel credit with Capital One over the phone. If you have your credit card, look on the back of it for a customer service phone number. This will be the number you

    will need to call in order to learn how to cancel credit with Capital One on the phone. If you do not have your credit card, you can find the number online. Simply go to the Capital One website and look for the area marked 'contact us'. All contact numbers are given in this section.

  3. How to cancel credit with Capital One by mail. In some cases, even if you cancel your credit through the other methods listed above, you will still need to send a written request. To do this, call the number on the back of your Capital One card or find it online from the Capital One website. Look for the mailing address, and then compose a letter asking that your account be closed. Include your name and account number within the letter.

Once you have followed the steps above, you'll see that it is very simple to learn how to cancel credit with Capital One. Once the account is closed, you will receive a letter via mail that the closure is complete. Keep this letter in a safe place for your own protection.

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