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How can i improve my credit history

how can i improve my credit history


How can I improve/build my credit score with limited history? And correct my Income on report?

I am 23 and making 24k a year before taxes in disposable income.

I am in the military and have no student loans or actually living expenses. I am going to Korea and will be earning extra money which I want to use to fix my credit score. Depending on what website I go to my credit score is some where in the 560s.

I have a car loan, I have made every payment on time and have been paying extra to pay it off faster.

I have two accounts that are closed and negative which a plan to settle and do a pay for delete for, if I do that how much will that improve my score?

One account is for $100 which I just play on offering a pay for delete,

One is a capital

one account I got when I was 19 and messed up on. My credit limit was $300 and with interest they are asking for 900. I plan on trying to settle for the original credit limit and a delete.

I have one other account from golds gym on my credit report but it is only reporting to one of the 3 bureaus I am wondering if I should pay if off or let it be because it isn't hurting the other two.

Last month I got a new credit card (a re-builder one) I charged my passport fees on it and paid it off the next day as long as I pay the balance off every month it will report good credit right?

Also on my Credit Report my income is listed as $200 annually not 24k and is throwing my debt to income ratio off how do I fix that?

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