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How to charge credit cards online

how to charge credit cards online

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How do you charge credit cards manually, online?

I need your wisdom on processing payments for my new lead generation business.

My model is basically, I find clients who need b2b leads and they will pay a fixed CPL for leads that are pre-qualified (to a certain extent). I then use my connections with various network partners and they generate the leads, which I then pass on to my client.

These network partners also charge by the lead, and I would essentially get a commission from them for bringing in the business, which is how I make my money without adding additional cost for my client.

What I'm struggling with is the best way to collect this money. My thought is, I would want to be in control of the payments to my vendors, because then I know when they are paid and for how much, and I have the documents to say "ok, I generated $X for you, now you owe me my commission of $Y with net 30 terms" or whatever we work out.

The problem is, my clients will probably want to pay on net 30

day terms as well if they did it the standard way which is what brings me to this post.

So the solution I am considering is basically setting up a clients-only website where they enter their credit card info. Then, when their leads came in, I would just debit it directly and pay my lead vendors the cost of the leads minus my commission. This way I get paid on delivery of leads, and my vendor does, which is an improvement to the current 30 day net terms they offer clients who go directly through them.

Does that sound like a good plan? If so, is there an easy all-in-one vendor who can handle all of this on the backend so that I just have to enter how much they should be debited and it handles the transaction? I looked at PayPal but I'm not sure that it works in this way. seems like it would require my clients to submit their CC details and make a "purchase" every time.

Sorry for the long post, but this is a fairly specific question and so I wanted to make sure I provided enough info/context. Happy to clarify further on anything.

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