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How to charge off a credit card

how to charge off a credit card


Credit card companies USUALLY allow bad performing accounts to be delinquent up to 180 past due before there are statutorily required to charge off these accounts to profit/loss.

However, debt management is much like taking care of a car. It works best with PREVENTATIVE maintenance. Do NOT wait til a charge off because your FICO score will be ruined and your creditworthiness will be tremendously compromised for up to seven years.

When you can't pay, you need to call your creditors and let them know so that you can establish a "workout" agreement, especially in situations where your "financial problems" are temporary in nature.

Waiting until you credit cards reach 180 past due puts you in a very unfavorable position

and ruins your credit score in the process. Imagine asking a new lender for credit and they see you had two charge-offs recently. Do you think the normally prudent person or lender would want to lend money to someone who would let their debts "marinate" without payment THAT LONG?

Your credit cards have been in default for 90 days. Stop ducking and dodging the people you owe money to and call your creditors. If you are too chicken to talk to them, then go to a local, not-for-profit credit counseling center and allow them to help you. You are only making matters worse by postponing the overdue "talk" with your creditors.

There is no such thing as debtor's prison, so don't be scared.

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